Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Flowers and Blood Orange Mimosas

I know I have been posting about this for a while, but today is the day that I turn 35. I had a fantastic birthday with lots of well wishes from friends and family, and an amazing day full of eating, planned by husband.  As has become tradition for us, the morning kicked of with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some fresh squeezed blood orange mimosas.  I love having a birthday during blood orange season. 


One of my favorite indulgences is dessert breakfast, and one of my favorite places to get it is The Original Pancake House.  Yeah, not very creative, but have you tried the apple pancake?  It takes me three days to eat the whole thing, and I savor every bite.

I always leave with a pretty doggie bag.  Can't wait to reheat tomorrow.

For dinner, we had reservations at Morimoto (Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto's restaurant) in the newly developed Napa Waterfront area.  We got there early, and had some time to kill. So we did a little shopping at Tyler Florence.

Don't these displays want to make you leave with one of everything? 

This is Morimoto's from the outside.  It is much bigger on the inside than it looks.  And the food...

 I don't even have the words to describe how wonderful the food was.  After eating sashimi that melted in my mouth, and gyoza that actually made me like pork (which in general, I don't so much- unless it is bacon- but who doesn't love bacon?), I had seafood toban yaki (pictured above).  I didn't even have room for dessert, but the kitchen staff was nice enough to send out some sorbet with a birthday candle in it.
Finally, our loot from Tyler Florence.  The cookbook was even signed by the author.   I love my birthday!

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