Saturday, February 12, 2011

Random (and Somewhat Quirky) Things About Me

1) I cannot write with a pen that is missing its cap.  The weight feels all wrong.  I also do not like writing with black pens.

2) I like eating tuna on a toasted  garlic or onion bagel with cream cheese, minced onion, and green olives.  I swear, it is good.  Don't knock it til you've tried it:)

3) I have to make lists to organize my life.  And out of those lists, I will make sublists.  And then I will prioritize and categorize them.  I keep different lists in Excel, on post-its, and on a dry erase board, depending on what the list is about.

4) I love to bake, but when I am done, I am usually not interested in eating it. 

5) I am left handed, and it is usually one of the first things people notice about me. I don’t think I have ever noticed what hand other people write with.

6) My husband and I have matching personalized license plates. They are only amusing to us, and other people just end up looking at me funny if I try to explain what they mean.

7) I don’t believe in regrets. For me, everything in life is a learning experience.

8) I cannot parallel park. In fact, I am not the world’s greatest driver. Anyone who has ever spent much time in a car with me driving has volunteered to drive on future occasions.

9) I often feel conflicted between my love for animals and my love for animal products. I can see myself one day becoming a vegetarian but don’t know if I could give up steak or leather. See, I feel like an awful person for just typing that.

10) My sister has the most incredible singing voice, which is definitely not a gene that was passed on to me. However, I love to sing in the car with the kind of reckless abandon of an American Idol finalist. This may directly relate to #8

11) I do not like pasta or any kind of encased meat. I especially dislike the smell of Cinnabon.

12) Irregardless in not a word, and I sometimes find myself biting my tongue when people use it.

13)  As revealed in #3, I am a super-organized person. I could spend hours in the Container Store shopping for things that will organize my stuff. I would then shop for more things to organize the stuff I just organized. And so on.

14) I like to win. After I win, I feel bad for the loser and want them to win instead. If I lose, I don't want to play anymore. Luckily, I am good at keeping these feelings to myself.

15) I treat my dogs like miniature people.  They were all rescues and I like to think they have forgotten about their past lives, and only remember how good their lives are today. 

Enough about me.  I would love to hear more about you.  Sock it to me!

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