Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Survivor Starts Tonight!

OK, I am going to come right out and admit something here.  Husband and I are big Survivor fans.  Huge.  Like never missed a season huge.   And what is not to be adored? 


1) A bunch of strangers (that would never be friends in 'real life') are stranded somewhere (usually) tropical and run around in bathing suits, and (sometimes) their skivvies - check

2) These strangers have to build a shelter, make fire, catch food,  find fresh water, and keep warm using materials they find on the island while maintaining the stamina and mental capacity to compete in incredibly complex challenges.  There is usually a very noticeable drop in the weight of the contestants.  You have to wonder, how do they keep going?- check

3) Lying, scheming, fighting, sabotage, and betrayal are all important aspects of the game, where in the end, the people that you have lied to, schemed and fought against, sabotaged, and betrayed are expected to vote in favor of you winning one million dollars- check

4) The contestants often get caught in the middle of said lying, scheming, betraying, and sabotaging and try to wrangle their way out of it so the power (read: votes) shifts in their favor- double check

5) The fact that usually when I dislike a survivor contestant very much, I am sad to see them get voted off the island because they were SO entertaining- check

6) Do I even need to point this one out?  The ability to vote someone off of the island.  If only real life were more like Survivor *sigh* :)  -triple check

The best part for me is that I actually worked with someone who was a contestant on the show.   I got to ask a million questions about what the experience was like.  It was truly a fascinating conversation. At least for me.

Is anyone else out there watching with me?


Amber's Notebook said...

oh shoot I will have to catch up on Ondemand - I forgot!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

It was definitely one of the best tribal councils ever.

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