Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

As always, inspired by Sydney over at The Daybook
  • I saw this little beauty at Sears last weekend and was completely mesmerized by the idea.  I am filing this under awkward for now (but I reserve the right to try it out, and possibly move it to the awesome category at a later date).  Yes, it is a pooch poop vacuum.  Anyone out there have one?  I would love to know if this works.

  • The price of gas.  Yeah, I know I have mentioned this a time or two before:)

  • Blog writers block.  Sometimes I am just not sure what I want to write about.  I guess that is part of the charm of a new blog.
  • Being stuck in traffic behind the "I leave 10 car lengths in front of me" person.  And everyone is cutting in front of this person.  And of course, said person is in the fast lane. 
  • Phillip on Survivor.  If you watch the show, I don't even need to explain.
  • Finally, some sunny and warm weather.  Is spring here to stay?  Things in my yard are happily blooming (pictured: freesia, lithadora, forsythia).
  • I found an entire cookbook dedicated to quinoa (which is a super-food and totally delicious).  I can't wait to try quinoa in baked goods.  Hmmmm....maybe that just sounds like a good idea. 

  • I won another Lucky Rewards.  Details to come.
  • Spending $14.50 at Forever 21 and getting some very cool accessories.  Details also to come.
  • Good news from family members who really need it.  And lots of love and thoughts and prayers.

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