Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

I have been reading Brooke's lovely blog, Bright Wishes,  for a while now, and decided to participate in Wednesday Wishes this week. 

Currently, I am wishing for:

ONE: A bright, sunshine-filled, warm weekend.  The view out my window at work has looked like this for the past month.  The weather seems to finally be clearing up a bit, and my yard is a complete disaster.  Our grass is so out of control, our home is starting to look abandoned. 

TWO: A butterfly beacon that attracts and feeds butterflies.  I love the idea of having lots and lots of butterflies swirling around my garden.  So whimsical.

Gardener's Supply Company
THREE: These quirky pug prints from Etsy.  Although I am not quite sure what I would do with them yet, I am sure that I need them. 

FOUR: A Pacman necklace.  I love the quirkiness, plus, this reminds me of my childhood. 

Monserat De Lucca

FIVE:  A photography class.  I would really love to squeeze one into my schedule this year.  My fear of the Nikon is getting silly.

SIX:  A long walk for two increasingly lazy dogs, who like to sleep in my lap while I blog.


Katie said...

that is quite possibly the cutest picture ever of the pups sleeping on your lap!

Brooke said...

Great wishes! I want to take a photography class too! I think that'd be so fun :)

Miss.C said...

Love your wishes, I couldn't agree more on the weather. Washington (for me) is just too gloomy :(

Anonymous said...

I adore that Pacman necklace - so cute!

Andi of Champagne to Chiffon

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