Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

As always, inspired by Sydney over at The Daybook

  • Can somebody please explain to me why the toilet paper roll always seems to be just about empty?
  • And why the trash can seems to always be full? 
  • Lauren Conrad's collection for Kohl's.  It always looks so nice online (and I am a huge LC fan), but when I go into the store and try stuff on, it is always kind of a hot mess (at least for me).  But I see other bloggers wearing her stuff and it looks nice.  Maybe it's me.
  • Husband and I had some terrible Thai food the other night.  The kind that practically turns you into a vegetarian instantly.  I can't even talk about it.  And the restaurant got great reviews on Yelp.
  • And the continuing saga of husband and I getting ready to participate in our first garage sale.  We still have no idea what we are doing, and will be relieved when it is over this Saturday.  Deep breaths, Erin, deep breaths. 
  • Damn You Autocorrect.  This may be my new, new favorite website.  I love to laugh, and it gets me every time.
  • The Patrick Miracle- I first read about this in the news, and then I started following his progress on Facebook.  As an animal lover it makes me both angry and so inspired by this little dog's will to live
  • The beautiful goldfinches that come to my bird feeder.  See, I promised you a better picture
  • All of the the cleaning that prepping for the garage sale has caused me to do.  I love spring cleaning (no, really, I look forward to it).  And hopefully, getting rid of some stuff that I don't use (and making a little bit of money in the process).
  • Criminal Minds- I just started watching this show, and now I am obsessed.  I get sucked in every time.  If you can get through the first 5 minutes and not have to watch the whole thing, you are a better man  woman person than I:)


Shellsea said...

I can't believe that many birds were there at once. - Giveaway today :)

Katie said...

ok, that picture is amazing! And I feel the EXACT same about LC's collection. complete hot mess on me're not alone!

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