Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm Watching You (Like A Hawk)

I am growing more and more fascinated with the two Cooper's Hawks that are living in the oak tree in my backyard.  They sit on the top of a telephone pole and stalk all the squirrels and birds in the neighborhood.  The have a ferocious squawk (it sounds exactly like this, near nest).  I am guessing that they must have a nest in the tree. 

They are also excellent models.

And the mama bird who had her babies directly above our motion light, and very close to this telephone pole, is not liking this one bit.  She shrieks and flutters about when the hawks are present.  If you look closely at the middle picture, you can see her tiny little peeper peaking his head of of the nest. 


denise* paper angels said...

aw i wish i had such awesome wildlife nearby too. we got a couple magpies and pigeons that are a bit overweight and not very exciting.xx

Brooke said...

That's so neat!!

Susan said...


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