Thursday, May 19, 2011

So I Ended Up Inspiring Myself

All of the talk about my love of flip flops yesterday got me browsing. You know, just to see what was new and cool in the flip flop-like shoe world.  Turns out, a girl can never have too many pairs.  I am pretty sure that I could happily rotate each of these through my wardrobe all summer and never get bored.  Yeah, I am getting that itch to add to the collection.

Also, I discovered a new store when I ran to the mall for a little harmless window shopping yesterday.  Have any of you been to Love Culture?  It is kind of like Forever 21, but with an easier to browse selection (probably because the store was brand new, and all alike items were still grouped together).  They had some adorable things (like this pug shirt, which I did leave the store with ).  Cute, cheap, and on-trend.  Yes, please!

And on to the shoes.

1.     Zigi Girl Message Sandal  $99.95
2.    Ivanka Trump 'Verena' Thong Sandal  $139.95
3.    Aldo Lampe  $60
4.    Steve Madden Saffarii  $59.95
5.    Roxy Bora Bora Flip Flop  $29
6.    Banana Republic Marcia knot flat sandal  $79
7.    Bougainvillea Tassel Sandals  $168
8.    REPORT 'Cobb' Flower Sandal  $59.95
9.    Love Culture Floral Thong Sandals  $16.90
10.  Kate Spade Hedy  $198
11.  Brian Atwood Chiffon-Topped Flat Suede Thong Sandal  $660
12.  Aldo Clerida  $40


MM said...

I love all those pairs! Awesome!


Ivana said...

A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes!!! LOVE the no. 8 and 10, they´re gorgeous!

xx Ivana

Jamie said...

You know, this was totally unnecessary. But I am so darn in love with sandals that I have to thank you for making me buy another pair!

Katie said...

So cute! Since its not really socially acceptable to be barefoot 24/7...I practically live in flip flops!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

After picking out the Kate Spade sandals for myself, I went to the Love Culture website and found there is a store very close to where I live. I will be visiting it. Thanks.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Those Aldos look cute to me! And since I'm no fan of flat shoes, it's a big praise haha LOVE the pug tank too!

Annabelle Fleur said...

Gorgeous post, dear, I especially love the Ivanka Trump ones. The color is so amazing!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment:)


Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

I could do with some new flip flops too :) you have picked a lovely selection :)

Love, Vanilla

The Hue Smiles said...

I really like #7 so unique & i agree that you can never have too many sandals!
Forever Chic,

Josie said...

I love 2, 6, and 10... I'm OBSESSED with flat sandals right now!
xo Josie

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