Friday, June 10, 2011

Separated at Birth?

A few weeks ago, Anthropologie presented me with this outfit, which I loved.  However, there was one item in particular that I fell hard for.


Of course, it was the most expensive part of the outfit.  This skirt is beautiful.  I love the lace and the fact that it is light-weight for summer and a fun skirt to twirl in.  And did I mention it as beautiful?  Was it versatile enough for me to pay full price?  Not really. 

Rosaline Lace Maxi  $168

And then yesterday happened.  I was shopping with a girlfriend at a new Forever 21 (that honestly, was the biggest I have ever been to), and I saw this waiting for me.  It might have even waved. 

Tiered Lace Skirt  $19.80

Let me first say that the picture DOES NOT do it justice.  The actual color is more of a neutral nude and the material doesn't look as cheap in person.  Two people asked me were I found it on the way to the fitting room.  And this version is also full of twirly goodness, and at a price point where it doesn't need to be something I will wear forever.  Although, I just might.


MM said...

This skirt is gorgeous! Love Forever 21 stores! they have amazing stuff at very good prices! xoxoxo

joanne hegarty said...

I love these Erin. Well done on finding a cheaper but equally nice replacement. Would you believe there are thunder storms in London today - where is our summer ???

songbird said...

that is a beautiful skirt!!and that 1st photo is so gorgeous!!

Erica said...

I love finding deals like that! I always search for the cheaper versions of things.

North Meets South

Sizzle and Zoom said...

Don't you just love Forever 21? It's store for everybody. Men and Women and all sizes. Don't buy custom jewelry anywhere else. They have the best prices and it all seems to be under $10.00.

Lorena said...

Don't you just hate it when you see various thing and then are attracted ?
Yes, sometimes we can be surprised at Forever 21.
My top today is from them.

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