Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whooooooo Loves Owls?

 Another thing I am slightly obsessed with this summer (aside from flip flops and watches) is everything owl.  I love all of the quirky images that designers have come up with (plus all of the goofy names they use to call  these items).  I just adore this necklace, which is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry right now.  Sometimes the images are cartoon-y and sometimes they are fierce.  But there is something classic about the owl that makes me feel like it is kind of a timeless piece.  Plus, they show up on everything from pillow cases to sandals.  What is not to be loved?

1)  Owl in the Same Spot Keepsake Box  $22.99
2)  Owl Stay by Your Side Two Finger Ring  $15
3)  Tuleste Market Owl Pendant Necklace  $110
4)  Wise Walker Sandals  $148
5)  Emma Cook Owl Top in Owl Print  $281
6)  P.J. Salvage - Owl Pant  $46
7)  Juicy Couture Beaded Owl Drawstring Tote  $148
8)  Alkemie Jewelry Swooping Owl Bangle  $72
9)  Owls Pillowcase Set  $34


MM said...

I like the too!Espp. the owl accessories! Nice selection! The no. 4 is my fav!


Brooke said...

I love that number 8 bracelet!! and nope I'm from the north in Minnesota! ha but I live in NC!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I have to take the sandals, too. Love those and the name Wise Walker sandals.

Gawgus things... said...

How cute is the owl ring and bag! Love it :) xx

Alicia said...

This is such a CUTE post! Love the ring, necklace, tote, bangle & pillowcase set!

Have a lovely weekend!

Pia said...

I love owls! They are too cute. I couldn't live with my owl necklace. :)

Ivana said...

This is so cute, I would never thought of it, but you have a point: owls really are timeless (speaking as a true fan of Harry Potter :)

xx Ivana

Erin said...

#3 and #4 yes please! And I wouldn't mind those PJ Salvage pants! LOVE LOVE LOVE that brand!


Shannon Olson said...

Thank for changing the comment form its so much easier =)
I had a friend who loved owls every time we went shopping it was for owls hahhaha.

Gertrude said...

Aww these are so so cute! The two-finger ring is so pretty xo

Chelsea said...

Alright. I really, really need number five. How perfect is that? I'll answer. It's totally perfect.

Bobbie said...

sooo cute. i want that two finger ring! :)

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