Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Elephunky (Yeah, I Was Reaching With That One)

I am a sucker for anything with an elephant on it.  I have a few necklaces, this plant stand, and some figurines scattered around my house (I heart Jonathan Adler).  Aside from being beautiful, majestic animals, they are often considered symbols of good luck and good fortune. And who wouldn't want to be surrounded by good fortune?  Plus, they are adorable to look at, but also seem very adult.  I just love being surrounded by them.
1)  Wildfox Elephant Love Baggy Beach Sweatshirt  $108
2)  Elephant Shaped Patchwork Pillow  $36
3)  Elephant Grey Nail Polish  $2.80
4)  Heritage Silk Elephant Print Top  $34.99 (on sale)
5)  Relevant Elephant Necklace  $15.99
6)  Sterling Silver Elephant Cuff Bracelet  $315 (on sale, kind of pricey for Kohl's, no?)
7)  Jonathan Adler Elephant Salt & Pepper Set  $48
8)  kate spade new york Elephant Belt  $95
9)   Cirque A-Line  $148


Sizzle and Zoom said...

My favorite image is of the elephant shaped pillow. It's adorable.

Jessica Gitler said...

i will take them all please and thank you, they are amazing ... i love the bracelet but that is a crazy price!! oh how it is good to dream!

Adele said...

I love elephants too - check out my post today with a photo of when I visited an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka xoxo

Bobbie said...

Ooo American eagle has a cute elephant necklace right now too that I was tempted to buy! Elephants are so cute :) love the Kate spade belt! And that nail polish!
:) Bobbie

MM said...

Elephants prints are so so cute! Love this selection!


Anonymous said...

the #5 necklace is my fave! great finds:)

blacksandbrights said...

i am absolutely in love with that elephant belt - and elephants in general my grandma got me a couple of them from Thailand and i keep them on my desk for good luck xx

S and O said...

Elephunky, that actually kind of works :D
I love picture 5 really cute!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I love this, my Mom use to collect elephants and this reminds me of here. She lives in AZ and I live in NC so I get mommy sick :)

Michelle's Style File said...

That elephant cuff is beatuiful!


aki! said...

I totally get what you mean about elephants. They're cute but they're wrinkly!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

These are all such pretty finds and it's just amazing how much this polish shade looks like an elephant's skin color, wow!

colleen said...

i love 1, 5, and 8. (but i mean, i REALLY love number 1). and the stuffed animal i slept with all my life is dumbo, so i'm right there with ya on the love for elephants. great picks!

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