Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm A Shoe-In

I love shoes.  Like many women, I have big dreams of one day having a giant closet with shelves upon shelves for shoes (I'm looking at you, Tamara Mellon).  In reality, when we moved into our house 3 years ago I knew the closet space would be a bit challenging.  Lucky for me, husband is pretty handy and was able to build some shoe shelves.  Was I able to organize everything?  Not exactly.  But if I had a before picture, you would see that this is really pretty perfect.

I posted my flip flop collection a few moths ago (which is not stored in my closet).  This is almost everything else.  Yeah, I said almost. Some stuff is in boxes on the top of my closet.  Yeah, I might have a bit of a problem.  Good thing Louboutin's are still out of my price range:)

What I learned from this experiences is that I am not so good at photographing shoes.  In my mind, these pictures were going to look a lot better different . A photography class is definitely moving up higher on my to-do list.  


Adele said...

Wow! That's a lot of shoes!!!!

Christine said...

wow compared to some girls I would have the shoe collection similar to a regular guy LOL XD thanks for the great compliment, my hair is a jungle and takes almost a 1 hour to style depending on how my hair acts everyday T_T

thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

Jessica Gitler said...

I find shoe storage to be one of the hardest things ever, but yours are lookin pretty good there Miss!! Job well done!

Florence said...

nice shoe pictures and cool blog
im following

Check out my new post if you have time :)

MM said...

Lots of nice shoes!! xoxoxo

Katie said...

oh.my.goodness. That's a lot of shoes lady!!

Lorena said...

I had my husband install some similar shelves :)
They work wonders but, as usual, i need more space - i am guessing it's the same with you :)

Lidiya said...

Super cute collection of shoes, so many :)

Anonymous said...

you have a lot of cool shoes!! i am a shoe fanatic as well, like most women. i really need to start organizing them like you, thanks for the inspiration!!
xx ~ kristina

Bad Joan said...

Impressive! The shoes are all visible and organized.


Sizzle and Zoom said...

I have to agree with Adele-WOW. You have a lot of shoes and more with your flip-flops. Nicely organized.

ajg-jane said...

LOVE SHOES. and Yours are fab. the Mary Janes in the front caught my eye right away!

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