Monday, July 25, 2011

Salsa and Queso Dip (Yum!)

 I love homemade salsa (and I like it hot).  Husband and I have tried many (MANY) recipes until we found one that we really loved.  Funny enough, it started with a trip to Baja Fresh.  They have really good hot salsa.  So we started looking for copycat recipes.  This was our starting point.  Over time, we have tweaked this recipe to our liking.  Bonus, you can freeze batches and eat them later.

First of all, you have to gather your vegetables.  I kind of wavered on posting this now, because I wanted to wait until I could just go out back and pick all of the ingredients from my yard.  Alas, a promise is a promise.  

Perfectly fire roasting the tomatoes is the most important part.  Doing it over high heat until the tomatoes turn black is what you want.  Keep them on the grill too long, and they become sweet.  Cloyingly so.  Over time we have added lime to this recipe, extra garlic, and red as well as white onions (because we grow them in our garden).  Also, we use less cilantro.  If you are new to cilantro, I suggest you do the same.  It is a strong flavor.  

After following the instructions in the recipe, you should have something that looks like this.  The air bubbles will dissipate around the sides, and you will have perfect salsa.  We usually use a mixture of  jalapeños, serranos, and habaneros (depending on your taste).  If your jalapeños or habaneros start developing stripes on them (also called corking) it means they are very hot.  Keep this is mind as you are adding them to your mixture.

Once you have your perfect salsa, you can make a perfect queso dip (so much better than that stuff you buy in jars).  This recipe is easy to follow and foolproof (and you probably already have all the ingredients in your cabinet).  Enjoy!


Maycie Tsuchiya said...

Oh my God! You don't even understand how good this looks. I'm so hungry now!

Adele said...

This looks yummy & would go perfectly with the chicken fajitas recipe I posted last week!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

It goes with everything. My hubby likes it hot. Will love to try this.

shopgirl said...

I'm totally bookmarking this recipe, even though, I can't get cilantro or jalapeno peppers here. Love cilantro!

p.s. just to let you know, I recently opened my shop on Etsy! Reese
Thanks Erin and have a great week!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Girl your salsa and queso dip looks so dern good!!!! And really fresh might I add! I may have to try it your way next time.

Anonymous said...

ooh thank you for this recipe!! i've always wanted to make a really good, fresh salsa and this one looks like a great one ~ i like that there's only a few ingredients, and i will remember to not over grill the tomatoes ~ yummy!!
xo ~ kristina

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

So hungry now! Love your pepper shaped bowl! SO cute :)

Love, vanilla

Sunny & Star said...

Everything looks so good. I love salsa.

DesFruitsRouges said...

YUM. chips and salsa are the most perfect snack i can imagine. that recipe looks awesome!

Shannon Olson said...

That salsa looks super yummy! I might have to try to make it =)

Ruby Girl said...

num! love it. <3

Carly said...

This looks very yummy!

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