Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner (Times 2)

I had the great fortune of winning the Versatile Blogger Award, given by the very lovely Jaimie at Everyday J.    She has a pretty fantastic blog herself, and if you are not familiar with her, you should definitely head on over and say hi.  Thank you so much Jaimie, for thinking of my blog.  

The OFFICIAL rules of the award are:
-Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
-Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
-Give this award to up to 15 recently discovered bloggers.
-Contact those bloggers and tell them the exciting news!

Hmmmm, I feel like I am out of random things to share with you.  However, I am confident I can come up with something.  Here we go.

1) I use cookbooks as diaries.  Whenever I make a recipe, I write the date with a blurb about what is going on in our life at that point in time.  Some recipes have many, many entries on them.  It is always fun to go back and read what was going on in my life the last time I made a particular thing.  

2) A Where's Waldo car songs tape (that came with a box of cereal) taught me how to sing the alphabet backwards.  I am very good at it, if I do say so myself.  Speedy.

3) No matter how many people follow me on Twitter, I stay steady at 27-28 followers at all times.  I do not think I am a very good tweeter.  Maybe I am doing it wrong?

4) I think the tv programs My So Called LIfe and Freaks and Geeks were both cancelled way too soon.  If I am flipping through the stations and either of those shows is on, I turn to them immediately.  

5) I have mentioned before that I am very organized.  This goes beyond my closet and drawers and onto things like favorite items.  For example, I can't pick a favorite movie.  This is because I have to further organize things into my favorite comedy, my favorite movie I could watch over and over again, my favorite film noir.  And yes, they are all different.  I always freeze up when anyone asks me what my favorite anything is.  

6) The above rule does not apply to my favorite song of all time.  It is The Sunday's cover of Wild Horses, and it is beautiful.  

7) I think Deck The Halls must be my favorite tune of all time, because I constantly find myself making up lyrics to go to this tune, year-round, that have nothing at all to do with the holidays.  I get a lot of furrowed brows and head tilts from husband due to this.  

And now to pay this award forward.  I am constantly discovering new blogs that inspire me.     I love reading so many of them, and if I don't mention you this time, I still adore you, and your time will come.    

MM at About Anything
Jessica at  Jessica,Why Are You So Bossy
Colleen at Ordinary Tales
Lorena at Lorena's Every Day Wear
Grace at Haute Couture
Joanna at Drizzle of Sunshine

On a completely separate note, I won a blog giveaway, from Heather over at Heatherheartsfashion. The prize was this adorable necklace from Urban Outfitters.  I can't wait to mix it up with my wardrobe.  

She has a killer fashion blog that you should definitely check out.  Thank you again, Heather.


the nyanzi report said...

good stuff.

MakeupxSparkles said...

lucky for winning that adorable necklace :)
i never win anything :/

Adele said...

Congrats on the award - thoroughly deserved...and double whammy for winning the giveaway too!!!

Anna said...

I love, no... I LOVEEEE your idea of using a cookbook as a diary. What ever inspired you to do that? It's such a fantastic idea!! I love to cook and there is generally always something fun or exciting when I'm baking something from the book (a special event, etc) so seriously love this idea.

You will have to tell me your twitter name so I can follow you, and we'll get that follower number up to 30! :)

Anna xo


joanne hegarty said...

Good work Erin - very well deserved. What are you going to wear your new necklace with ?

colleen said...

thank you lady! i so appreciate this. i love #1 - what a cool way to document your life through your cookbooks, i love it. and i could not agree more with your pick about the sundays cover of wild horses - it's one of my favorite songs and i love hearing any cover of it, and their version is just wonderful.

MM said...

Congratulations honey!!! You deserved this award!!! That necklace is so beautiful!!!

Happy Tuesday!!


justjess said...

OMG! Thank you so much!! And I too love your #1...if I cooked I would totally do that!!

Monsiunia said...

wow amazing necklace. I greet you. I encourage you to watch my blog.

Alyssa said...

love what you do with your cookbooks! that's such a good idea :)

Elle Sees said...

1 is so cool! I love that. And if there a tv show I like, chances are it gets cancelled, like the ones you mentioned (I love them!)

aki! said...

Wow. I love what you do with cookbooks! And I'm impressed about the alphabet backwards thing, I can't do it!

jaimie michelle said...

I love the cookbook as a diary idea--so special! Also, I'm right there with ya on the choosing favorites question. I can never decide, because there are so many awesome things I like (in pretty much every category!)!


Alina F. said...

Beautiful necklace!I enjoyed reading all these stuff about you!

Anonymous said...

congrats to you on this award!! loved hearing some extras about you!!
xo ~ kristina

Bravoe Runway said...

Congratulations on the award! You certainly deserve it and I think it is a smart idea to mark down dates in cookbooks so it doesn't get repetitive! That is a beautiful necklace you won! Congrats!

Bad Joan said...

Congrats on your award!


MM said...

Thank you so much honey for the award!! You are very nice! I am very happy you enjoy reading my blog!


Grace said...

Thank you so much Erin! You definitely deserve this award! Oh, the versatile blogger you are... ;)
thank you so so much! :)

You and I are just alike. I'm such an organizer, it's ridiculous. Lists stacked neatly on my desk. I'm so elegant about those kind of things!
I freeze up when someone asks me about their favorites! haha


Kel said...

Love that bling. So gorgeous.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

all about golden children

Anonymous said...

love it!!

Lorena said...

Muchas gracias for the award :)
I will get to it !
I thought it was really neat that you write about your day in your recipe books. I think whoever you pass them on to, will probably have a lot of fun - it's a special way to create a bond.

(Florida) Girl said...

Cookbook as a diary? Brilliant.

I still haven't organized my recipes. Need to get on that.

Sizzle and Zoom said...

Congrats again! You deserve it. You are always surprising me.

BlueVanilla said...

Yay! Love to win stuff! Great necklace!
Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Kathy S said...

Congratulations on all the winning!

shopgirl said...

Congratulations sweetie! What a lovely necklace!


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