Monday, October 3, 2011

Johnny Garlic's

If you watch the Food Network, you are no doubt aware of Guy Fieri.  He won Food Network Star a few years back, and since then has been on what seems like a bazillion commercials and tv shows, including hosting a network game show that has nothing whatsoever to do with cooking.  

Luckily for me, Guy lives in the Bay Area and has a few restaurants here.  Recently, one opened near my office, so a friend and I decided that we needed to see what all the hype was about.  Plus, I just love eating out and checking out new places.  

I am going to add a little disclaimer here, stating that all pictures were taken with my iPhone, so the quality isn't awesome.  The is his restaurant from the outside.  Sorry for the glare from the sun, but it was just about noon when I took this.

Once you are seated, the hostess brings over some fresh baked herbed focaccia with balsamic and oil to dip it in.  

This is the kitchen-serving area.

A sampling of the menu.  The full version can be seen here.

This is the lunch sized portion of the meatloaf.  I can't imagine the dinner size:)

I had the French dip with homemade garlic chips. It was delicious, but very filling for lunch.

Of course, it wouldn't be a celebrity chef restaurant if there wasn't merchandise, some of it signed.  

I have been taking pictures at all of the restaurants I have been visiting lately, but I am still not sure I am happy with the picture quality.  Do any of you bring DSLRs to restaurants with you, or is that too weird?  Do you just stick with your camera phones?  Do you avoid restaurant shots altogether?


Adele said...

This looks like a great fun place to eat...he's really gone all out on the merchandise!!
Thanks for your sweet comment xoxo

Kathy S said...

That looks amazing :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

looks so fun!!

Rachel said...

That is so cool you went to one of his restaurants!!! Haha, I just bring my phone. Part of the reason I bought the droid was because of the high quality camera (although sometimes if the lighting is poor it doesn't seem all that high quality!!)

Elle Sees said...

I wanna try it out now. Had no idea he won that contest,

Kristina said...

Oh my that stuff looks delicious. I def want try one of his places out. I love his shows. Oh and when you have time check out my blog. I passed on the versatile blogger award to you

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

The meatloaf looks good! I bring my point-and-shoot to restaurants because it's more discreet than a DSLR and the quality's better than a phone camera. Maybe a DSLR isn't too bad- people like uploading pics on blogs, facebook, etc, so I think people are becoming used to seeing them everywhere.

Gertrude said...

The focaccia looks SO good!

Anonymous said...

mmm!! this look fabulous!! now i'm hungry! and i say ~ with regard to taking photos ~ who cares right? food blogging has become so mainstream now that i think people are using to seeing cameras everywhere!
xo ~ ks

Lorena said...

The food looks really tasty.
For some reason I prefer restaurants where the "chef" IS in the kitchen and not just a "figure" - it reminds me of Coronel Sanders of KFC and Ronald the Clown for Mc Donalds-
It should be all about the food.
I should bring this subject up with my brother who is a chef, I wonder what he thinks.

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I would love this restaurant 'cause I love garlic! I take my little canon camera in wherever I go. Into restaurants and sometimes I take a picture. No one has objected, yet.

Erin said...

Guy Fieri is just so charismatic! I've been to
Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah, GA and it was loads of fun. Now where is the Barefoot Contessa restaurant for me to frequent?

Oh and the pictures look pretty good to me! I don't know that I've ever snapped a photo in a restaurant!


that looks so yum! xo

Bad Joan said...

Garlic can be so underrated. It's wonderful just not the next day. But who cares!


ShinyPrettyThings said...

omg i didn't even know there's a location in the bay area!!! i just looked up the site hehe totally going this wk! i am a sucker for restaurants owned by celebrity chefs ^o^

Bravoe Runway said...

I am such a dork, I had no idea of who it was but then I saw his picture and Yes I know him! This place looks awesome, I love foccacia bread and i bring my point and shoot to take pix. Quality is slightly better than the phone and I don't have a dslr...yet ;)

Gawgus things... said...

Looks great. I normally take my smaller camera with me - you just have to swallow your pride and if people think you're a weirdo so be it, ha, ha!! XXX

Alicia said...

Mmm everything looks delicious! In restaurants I take photos with my phone instead of my camera ;)

Suze said...

This looks so fun! I always take restaurant pics with my phone too. :)

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