Monday, February 20, 2012

Things To Do In San Francisco: Cliff House

I was not born in the Bay Area.  I moved here a few years after I graduated college.  I have now lived here for a little over ten years, and am still impressed by all the beauty the area has to offer.  San Francisco is one of the most incredible cities in the world.  At any given time there is so much culture to explore and so many things to do.  This day, the things to do was lunch at the famous Cliff House, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  

 A beautiful day along Ocean Beach.

A really cool local house.  I would have loved to have seen the owner.  

The windmills in Golden Gate Park, from the Cliff House area.  I have some close-ups coming in a future post.

The Cliff House, from a short distance away.

Sutro Baths, the ruins of a 19th century swimming pool complex (next door to the Cliff House).  They were destroyed by a fire in 1966, but what remains can still be visited.  

I would love to have a planter this big.  I would just need a giant house to go along with it.  

The outside of the restaurant on a sunny February day.  

The interior, featuring panoramic views and a full bar with a highly recommended (by me) sangria.  

The food from top left: Caesar salad, cod, beet salad, scallops

Butterscotch Pot de crème for two.  Dessert is always my favorite part of any meal, and this was incredible.

Have you ever visited the Cliff House?  It is definitely a fun tourist attraction if you are in the area.  Very close to Golden Gate Park, which can itself keep you busy for days.   What are your favorite things to do in any big city close to you?  Do you visit the restaurants, shop, see the museums, or look for something a little more adventurous?  If you have been to San Francisco, I would love to hear about your favorite things to do/see. 


Adele said...

Wow! Those scallops are huge!!! San Francisco holds a special place in my heart as Ian & I started our honeymoon there...and you're sooo right, it is an amazing city.
Happy Monday xoxo

The Blonde Duck said...

We want to go to San Francisco this summer, so I'll definitely put this on the list!

Emmy said...

Love the pics, Eric! I've never been to SF, but my sis who's been there said it's beautiful...maybe someday...

MM said...

Nice post, Erin!! Love all the pictures and I envy you for the beautiful weather! I hope to visit San Francisco one day!!

Have a good start of the week!


rooth said...

That looks friggin awesome! I'm sure it's not tough to find a great place to eat in SF, I'll have to get a list from you if ever I'm visiting

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I absolutely agree, San Francisco is one of my favorite cities! I would LOVE to live there!

And OMG, the food looks amazing. I saved this post in my SF folder, so maybe the next time I am there I can go to the Cliff House!

More please. I miss CA and love living vicariously through these fabulous posts!

Jax said...

That place looks amazing!! I would love to go to California one day.

My favorite NYC place is Serendipitys. The BEST ice cream ever. lol

Ana said...

I LOVE the Cliffhouse and Ocean beach - that's where I had my wedding reception... on one restaurant down the road from the Cliffhouse called Park Chalet. Love that area!

PS: Talking about restaurants, I just discovered over the weekend, the cutest/bestest deli in town! A lunch date awaits for us!

Emm said...

Lovely place and the fooood *drools*

fluff and fripperies said...

I have never visited San Francisco but it is firmly on my list of places to visit! xo

colleen said...

love the beautiful pictures. the food looks so delicious!

Portuguese Prepster said...

wow! so beautiful and charming and the food looks delish! Would love to visit!

Alyze said...

Ahhhhh you are in San Francisco and have a Pug!? I'm sold!!!

I live in NY now but was born and raised in the Bay Area and may or may not currently be a slightly-obsessed Pug mom. I miss the city so much though...I used to live down in South Beach right under the Bay Bridge and it's still such a relatively quiet little place and I loved just walking all over...I mean there is a cafe where they ONLY serve grilled cheeses, who wouldn't love living there!? :)

Heather said...

San Francisco is amazing! I haven't been there in a few years, but I've always loved it every time I have visited.

elite barcelona said...

Wow , so beautiful place ! You make us dream ...

The landscapes, foods ...

WOooAw !

B said...

I've lived in California my whole life. And my hubs took me here on a date. No wonder I married him! Cliff house is THE best. Hands down. Beautiful views, wonderful food and the rest of san fran. All of it is amazing.

I miss CA. I hope to go back sometime this year. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. <3

Gawgus things... said...

Woah! This looks amazing!
Emma x

Elle Sees said...

i've not been there in like 14 years. we went in may and it was SO COLD.

rolala said...

I will definitely have to add Cliff House to my list the next time I visit San Francisco. The views and the food both look just superb!

Katie said...

Gorgeous! I've never been to the Bay area, but if I ever go...I know how to spend my time now :)

shopgirl said...

Everything looks fabulous in this post Erin! Love the ocean pics and the food looks just divine! I agree with you - San Fran is awesome! You are one lucky girl!

p.s. love your remedy for being sick. a chocolate shake and french fries sound perfect. i used to eat it when I was young. the sweet and salty combination is just perfect.


Lorena said...

I was lucky enough to visit SF about 4 years ago. My favorite place, which was actually THE REASON I MADE the trip was to visit the Palace of Fine Arts.
I sat there an entire morning just looking at it. I am an avid collecter on the Panama Pacific International Exposition items and this was like my meccca.
I actually was able to visit Alcatraz, the market, bridge, park, the vintage clothing area... i had a nice time.

Charis said...

One day I will visit SF...

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