Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dog Chorus (Absolute Chaos)

The Instagram photo of the (yester)day was all about chaos.  (Un)fortunately for me, this is a topic I am very familiar with.  I do not like it when things get chaotic.  I have always liked for things to be organized and orderly.  Then I ended up with three dogs.    

The other day, someone had the nerve to walk on the sidewalk in front of my house.  This got all three of them going in a sort of chorus of chaos.  I'll let you see hear for yourself.  You will either laugh or cry.  I was doing a little bit of both after husband filmed this and sent it to me.

So, which one of my pups would you like?  


Adele said...

Wow! You can correct this behavior...if you want to know more, give me a shout!
Have a fab Wednesday xoxo

MM said...

OMG, they are so adorable!!


colleen said...

hahaha, oh dear. no one's trespassing on your property!

The Blonde Duck said...

I don't like chaos either, and Queen Bitty thrives on it!

Lyosha said...

ohhh... the dogs are so cute no matter how they act (don't listen to me, my pup lives like a military guy but I'm sooo weak to any other animals)

Inside and Outside Blog

Heather said...

OMG, that is crazy!

Stephanie said...

Ha!!! At some point around the 18-second mark, it sounds like one of them meows!

Jax said...

Girl, your pugs should meet my weiner pooches! They can have a lovely orchesta everytime someone dares to walk near the house. hahaha

E said...

I couldn't see the third dog, but I could hear it. Where was #3 hiding?

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I love these blog posts about your wonderful dog babies. So cute. And your husband is funny, too.

Patty said...

Love those boxes!! And I can't pick a favorite - all so cute!!

You should check out Boxes for puppies!!

Have a great day Erron :)

Alyze said...

I am crying with laughter. And I thought my Pug alone was bad. This is pretty much what my house is like every time a school bus goes by, the UPS driver comes, or a leaf falls off a tree outside. Our Pug is known far and wide throughout our neighborhood because he sits in the window and acts a fool all day.

el-mundo-en-colores said...

ah, I'm at work and don't have headset, would love to listen.. but will come back on this when I'm home.. and I love Harriet in the lap in the other post :)

Katie said...

bahahahhahahaha! Hilarious! I can never leave our front door open to let sun in because Jersey does the same to any leaf, shadow, or person that passes by! And I think I'll take Petunia...she's just SO sweet!

Lorena said...

Hahaha, mine bark at the birds flying by !
Oh, and I will have the one who hits the highest note.

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