Monday, March 26, 2012

My Life Lately (In Pictures)

Living my life via Instagram

It has pretty much rained on and off constantly for the past few weeks.

Which means I got a lot of chances to bust out these babies.

A rare shot of all three pups.  What you see here is a shot of them actually conspiring against us.   

I love my JewelMint clover bracelet.  Have you tried this service out yet?

Look, ma!  I can touch my nose with my tongue.  

Yikes! Stripes!  I loved this gum as a child.  I was way too excited when I spotted this pack at the store.  

I can't ever, ever resist this face.

My favorite Sharpies, which live in my owl pen holder.  I am going through a phase where I use these to write everything.  

We got the little girls a new bed.  Meatball immediately took it over. 

Then Petunia kicked him out.

I am quite sure I said that my name was Erin.  I have no idea how it was  interpreted.  

Welcome to the world, little pepper.


E said...

I love the name Meatball for a dog! And I wouldn't be able to say 'no' to that face either.

Adele said...

The shot of the tiny shoot is genius Erin! And of course you already know how much I love your pooches!!
Happy Tuesday hun xoxo

MM said...

The third picture is the best!!!Love them!!! I like your rain boots and the clover bracelet!


colleen said...

they are all so cute together!

rooth said...

Haha, I do also like the picture of them conspiring

Jess said...

I love Sharpies!! I was so excited when school started again because I could justify buying new ones; not that I really use them much but I have them "just in case"

Mal said...

I saw these on instagram as well, but that photo of petunia with her tongue out still gets me, she's so adorable!

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Stephanie said...

Petunia's little tongue is the best!

Elle Sees said...

Loved this! These
Ittle snapshots of your life. And I loved getting caught up on your posts.

Heather said...

Aw, the pups are so cute! Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Those pups are so cute! I love to take pictures of my dog on instagram, too. In fact, most of them are of my pup! Haha. Hope all is well, Erin!


Katie said...

I think you should just go ahead and send Petunia to live with me! Hopefully it'll stop raining for you soon :)

B said...

im sure youre getting lots of use out of those rainboots today! stay dry!

omg i love your pups! too freaking cute!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

Wonderful post. Beautiful lead off photo. You brought smiles to my face.

Julia said...

It was funny to see that on the coffee somebody overheard your name. I laugh cause something happened to me in about the same way. People overheard my last name and wrote it not correct.
I see your beautiful puppies and really want one for me. My mother don't want them :(

ajg-jane said...

Poor meatball ;(

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