Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things To Do In The Bay Area: Quinn's Lighthouse And San Francisco By Water

This weekend, our friends Mike and Katie (known collectively as Matie...I am all about the combined couple name, a la Brangelina) invited us to lunch.  They took us to the cutest ex-lighthouse turned restaurant called Quinn's Lighthouse.  Originally known as the Oakland Harbor Light, it was erected in 1890.  It was moved to its current location and opened as a restaurant in the early 80's.  

The menu is extensive and has something for everyone, if you are into seafood or not.  There were some hilarious signs in the bathroom which I needed to share with you (and is the reason I made this collage so big).  You can click on any of my pictures to make them bigger.  

After lunch, we were in for a complete surprise.  Matie didn't tell us until we were standing on the dock, but they bought a boat.  We were about to be their first passengers.  It was a beautiful spring day, perfect for a little adventure on the water.

The city of Oakland from the estuary.

Really cool houseboats.

San Francisco from a distance.

Rumor has it that George Lucas got the idea for his AT-AT Walkers (in Star Wars) from these shipping container cranes.  I definitely see the resemblance.  

The Bay Bridge with the Golden Gate Bridge behind it and San Francisco on the left.

You know how when someone has a dream that they are beginning to live, you can't help but feel excited for them.  That is what this boat is.  It was made in 1984, and hasn't really been updated since.  Our friends have this amazing vision.  They have already given it a new paint job, and started sewing new fabrics for the interior while also working on replacing some of the worn out mechanical parts.  Little by little, it is becoming like new.  It is a true labor of love.

That brings us to this freighter.  This is where we were when our boat stalled out, watching the cranes load shipping containers onto it.  Did you know that the is a kind of AAA for boats?  Pretty nifty to have in situations like that.  They come and tug you back to your slip.  Whoever thought of that was genius.  

While we were waiting for assistance, I took about 1000 pictures with my iPhone.  I didn't have my DSLR with my (since this little adventure was a surprise), but I will definitely bring it next time.  

There were so many beautiful sailboats in the Bay.  

There were also a lot of seagulls.

The sun is starting to set over the water.

If you are ever in the Bay Area, I recommend checking out Quinn's Lighthouse and if possible, seeing the city by water.  There are lots of cruises along the bay that you can take (including the trip to and from Alcatraz).  It definitely gives you a new perspective of the city, especially if you get a chance to watch the fog roll in.  There are so many wonderful things to see in the Bay Area that sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to live here.  


Adele said...

Gorgeous pics Erin & oh that sun!!
Happy Tuesday hun xoxo

Marissa said...

I don't even know what that is in the top left corner of your collage, but it looks DELICIOUS! And I would have never known you took these with your iPhone! All the pics turned out great! xoxo Marissa


colleen said...

that's so cool! we do the celebrity name thing for our friends, too. led, amaron, nathanda - the list goes on.

rooth said...

Wow what a cool experience! That's really unique and memorable. Thanks for sharing all of your photos

The Blonde Duck said...

I desperately want to go.

Anonymous said...

It was a gorgeous day to be in the city! I'll definitely add the restaurant to my list ;)

Heather said...

Wow, how amazing! I love boating, and those views are awesome.

Bad Joan said...

Looks like an incredible day! And those signs are hilarious!


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