Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MyGlam Vs. Birchbox May 12

May was another month of how-long-am-I-going-to- keep-up-both-subscriptions-because-they- aren't-so-great shipments.  If I get another month like this one, I might be looking to put these accounts hold and try something else.  Anyone have any recommendations?

Inside my Birchbox:

Miss Dior Eau de Parfum: This has a heavy floral smell that I do not care for at all.

Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 in Glow:  This is a tinted treatment that is supposed to erase blemishes and scars on arms, legs, and decollete.  It is honestly one of the weirdest products I have received.  

SHU UEMURA Cleansing Oil Shampoo- I really liked this sample.  It had a very nice smell.  However, I wish they would have sent a sample of the conditioner that went with it. 

stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Rock Candy:  I was already a huge stila fan, and this product did not disappoint.  The eyeliner is sparkly, so it wouldn't be something I would wear to work.  It went on smoothly (you need a steady hand), which was a plus.

Bonus: Notecard & card for Gossip Girl Trivia Sweepstakes:  Basically a cute, cheap post card with an envelope and a card with trivia questions on it (for a sweepstakes entry)

Inside my MyGlam Bag:

Blue makeup bag with lip prints: Cute, plus, you can never have too many make-up bags

Philosophy Love Sweet Love sample:  I am a huge fan of Philosophy scents, and this is not my favorite, but is still very pretty.  

Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Winter Red, full size:  This color makes me look like Elvira, which is not a compliment.  This product retails for $15, but it was like they were trying to unload the colors that weren't selling on MyGlam subscribers.  Not pleased.

Miss Beauty Nail Bling: I might actually give these a try over a long weekend, since they aren't really work appropriate.  I do like the idea here.

MyGlam concealer brush and defining eyeliner brush (to complete the set)

complete myglam bush set

I give both of these an F for the month of May.  What do you think?  Any products here you are interested in trying?  


Jessica Gitler said...

I am with you on birchbox getting a F ... I have been kinda disappointed in it for some time ... especially the perfume scents ... I have never liked even one of them!!

E said...

That doesn't really seem like much in either box. Bummer. I am a huge Stila fan, too, though.

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