Monday, August 6, 2012

Come Introduce Yourself & My Giveaway Winner

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who entered my giveaway.  I had 164 total entries, and am thrilled to have some new readers to the blog.  If you haven't checked out my "Start Here" tab, please stop by and introduce yourself.  I updated my questions (and my answers) and would love to get to you know you better.  If you have already answered the older questions, feel free to reintroduce yourself and answer this new batch.

Now, without further ado, 

Congratulations Stephanie from the blog StephaNews (I love the name)!  Please check out her blog if you get a minute.  

Stephanie, I have already sent you an email.  Please respond so I can send you your prize.  

On another note (and in case you were thinking of having your own giveaway), I really enjoyed using Rafflecopter.  It is a free service and made the whole running the giveaway process extremely easy.  I would highly recommend them to a friend.  


Stephanie said...

Aw, man. I saw "Stephanie" and got super excited. Then just three words later, disappointment. Congrats to the other Stephanie!!! :)

CutestPrincess said...

congrats to the winner!

also, i wanna say thank you for your comment on my blog about what happen to my dad! I really appreciate your words, thank you so much!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Blond Duck said...

How cute! I'll have to check that rafflecopter out....

Check out my new!

SizzleandZoom said...

Congrats to Stephie!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Congratulations! Awesome :D

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