Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Have An Ugly Thermostat: A Pinterest Project

This is my thermostat.  Not the prettiest part of my house.  Yet, it is functional and not high on my list of things that need to be replaced in the near future.  What's a girl to do?  Of course, search Pinterest for thermostat beautification projects.  

I came upon this idea and saved it to my Home Design pinboard.  I figured that I would eventually find a frame I liked and give it a shot. 

While rummaging through the shelves at TJ Maxx, I discovered this adorable green frame by Cynthia Rowley.  The color was all wrong for the thermostat area, but worked well in my livingroom.  

Luckily, I stumbled across this white version and knew it would be perfect for framing our thermostat.  We just needed to tweak a few things to make it work.
*Note: The auto-focus was turned off on the camera, and I didn't realize it until after these pictures were taken.  I apologize for them being a bit blurry.

First, husband took the X-Acto knife and cut off the back of the frame so there was nothing between the glass and the wall.

Next, I had to get the glass out of the frame, which happened to be glued in.  A few light taps with a rubber mallet, and it came out in one piece (which is what I was hoping for).  Then it was ready to be hung.

Here is the end result.  It is a little tongue in cheek and makes me smile every time I walk by.  One day the ugly thermostat will be replaced, but until then, it is like a lovely, ugly little piece of art.


Adele said...

Haha! Your thermostat has turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!!!!
Have a fab Thursday Hun xoxo

Ginny said...

what a fantastic idea! our thermostat looks kinda ugly, too, so i might try this. looks like a fun project! :-)

Loulou said...

Haha, what a great idea. It's a funny coincidence but last week we just tackled a 'hide the thermostat project too'! Btw, we recently got a new one and as hard as we tried, we could find no attractive thermostats on the market. They all end up looking out of place on the wall! So old or new, it doesn't seem to matter, these are unsightly. Um, but of course yours is no longer so! Well done.


Kristina said...

I love it!!! I have an ugly thermostat too. I need to do something to fix it up!

rooth said...

That is too cute - you guys are so creative. Great great idea

Emmy said...

Heehee....I never would've thought of beautifying our thermostat:) Luvz it!

The Little Flapper said...

So Cute :) On another note, Pinterest can be so addicting.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

such a creative idea

Sam said...

This is such a great and clever idea of prettifying your thermostat! Have a great Friday dear!

Morgan said...

Yay for Pinterest Projects! I love it. :) It would make me smile to walk past it all the time.

SizzleandZoom said...

Very clever!

Mal said...

That's such a great idea, it turned out adorably!

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Alyze said...

All of my fugly thermostats need pretty frames IMMEDIATELY. This also reminds me of the frame around the peep hole in Monica & Rachel's apartment on Friends!

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