Thursday, September 20, 2012

What To Expect When You Are Expecting (Me To Catsit For You)

Recently, some dear friends went out of town and asked me if I would swing by their house and take care of their cats.  They left me with a key, an entire roll of plastic poop bags, and the longest list of instructions ever.  If one of the cats had decided to set the other cats on fire, I was well-prepared.  As the parent of three spoiled dogs, I totally get it.  

The cats and I had a fun time together all week.  OK, that is a lie.  Puma is the only cat that ever came out of hiding, so we had a fun time together.  The other two hunkered down under the bed for the entire week, only coming out to eat, poop, and throw as much litter around the bathroom as felinely possible.  Once, I did catch one of them peering at me from around the corner when I was cleaning out her box.  I felt a little bit like she was judging me.

My friends asked if I would send them an occasional picture, and I was more than happy to oblige.  I might not get asked to catsit again.  

Puma is my buddy, and he followed me around the house meowing and angling for a good head scratching from the time I walked through the door.  I do forgive him for that one time he bit me (mostly because it was totally my fault).

Cartoon Puma

I mean, they HAD TO be inviting their cat friends over when I wasn't around.  I just can't believe that three cats can poop that much.  It doesn't seem physically possible.

I like to refer to this one simply as "Us"

Yep, it felt that creepy too.


Adele said...

Hilarious! Love how you've cartoonified the photos!

Jessica said...

hahahha love cats i wish someone would ask me to cat sit for them


SizzleandZoom said...

Laugh out loud funny. I love cats and wish I had a few.

fluff and fripperies said...

Hey Erin,

Loved this post! I am a huge crazy cat fan and just wish someone would ask me to catsit, poop mountains or no poop mountains! That applies to pugs too - just sayin'!

Emma xo

colleen said...

haha - i loved these when you posted them on instagram. and the one watching you from around the corner - priceless.

Lyosha said...

awww! so nice! Puma is amazing!

Inside and Outside Blog

rooth said...

Haha, you're such a good cat sitter and those pictures are hilarious!

Emmy said...

Erin, that cat WAS judging you :0 Heehee....that's great that you were able to handle them, even with all your little doggies. That must'v been interesting:) And I do love the pics!

BTW, the 3rd 50 shades book, it does get more interesting closer to the end.:)

Gloria said...

Oh my goodness, that last photo is so CREEPY! Too funny!

Heather said...

Ha ha, too funny! I'm always so grateful to out cat-sitters when we go away.

Alyze said...

I am dying over the last picture. Freaking judgy cats!!!!! I don't think my pug has ever actually encountered a cat and I would kind of love to see how that would go. You are a good friend. Go Team Dogs!!!

Sam said...

Hahaha, mygosh, I loved this post! As I cat owner I could only wish to ever find a cat-sitter as well-prepared and concerned as you! Puma is one feisty feline, he and my cat should meet, they would get along really well. Its good to see you're both a cat and dog person.

wonder said...


Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

Thank you for this post! It gave me a much needed LOL!

Anonymous said...

oh dear.. I just had to laugh :D

Lyosha said...

I’ve got an award for you here

BeautyShades said...

heheheh such a fun post. I always fell like somebody's watching me and them can see 2 cats :) I Laugh so much

Katie said...

ahahaha I love that last picture!

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