Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mommywood & Uncharted Terriitori

I was not always a Tori Spelling fan.  I didn't especially dislike her, but I didn't really think much about her either.  However, I was in high school during the 90210 days, so I kind of felt like I went through my teen angst alongside of her. Plus, I have seen Mother, May I Sleep With Danger about 26 times.  Seriously, if you ever watch Lifetime, you know what I am talking about.  

 I read Tori's first book, Stori Telling, a few years ago, after her widely publicized affair, followed by a divorce, then remarriage to the man she had the affair with.   It gave great insight into what it was like to grow up in the Spelling's world.  I have to admit, I was captivated.  

buy from amazon

buy from amazon
Mommywood and Uncharted Terrotori pick up where the first book left off.  They go into Tori's life as a wife and mother in Hollywood.  They deal with the fallout caused by revelations in her first book about her friends and co-stars, as well as the tumultuous relationship she has with her mother.  Tori seems to be searching for a kind of normalcy and anonymity that growing up in a famous family and then living your life in front of reality show cameras does not allow.  It is all very interesting and somehow relatable.  All of a sudden, I was sure that Tori and I would be best friends.  

Overall, I would give each of these book four out of five stars.  The first book made me really like Tori and feel like I understood her point of view.  I wanted to know more about her life, which these two book delivered.  I admired her honesty, and thoroughly enjoyed her fully stocked arsenal of anecdotes (and some of them are outrageous).  I am really looking forward to the release of her next autobiographical book, out later this year.  

Next up, Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.  I am about halfway through it right now, and I like it, but it is a heavy book.  I will be back with a review soon.

What are you reading?  Are you a Tori fan?  Do any of you watch her shows?  


honey my heart said...

tori's story is definitely interesting. i follow her through social media and on her shows, but think a book would be a good way to know more :)

Stephanie Court said...

I never really thought about her one way or the other until a few years ago when I caught a few episodes of her reality show about starting a B&B. I was surprised by how much I liked her! Those books are definitely on my reading list ... someday I'll get to them...

Kim Alston said...

I felt the same way you did Erin! I now admire her. I need to check these books out. Thanks! Have a great weekend.

Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

So far I only read her first one: STori Telling and to my surprise I really liked it. I was always interested in Mommywood but I didn´t get to it yet...... and I don´t know why but the green cover is so lovely. Even though you should never judge a book by it´s cover :)


Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

My brother worked on one of her reality shows in the crew(the wedding planning one) and he said both Tori and Dean were so nice and extremely gracious. No diva antics or bad attitudes. I think with her, what you see is what you get. I think she's a really nice person that like you said, is trying to be as normal as possible.

Lorena said...

Like you I never cared for Tori Spelling.
Last time I "saw" her was in a 90210 episode...

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