Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Being Low-Maintenance

I have always tried to keep my beauty routine to a minimum.  I am not the kind of girl that won't leave the house unless she has a full face of make-up on.  In fact, on the weekend, if I am just running local errands and hanging around the house, you will probably find me in yoga pants with a t-shirt and/or hoodie.  My hair will be thrown up in a messy bun.  I am probably not wearing a stitch of make-up.  Aside from my wedding ring, there is probably no jewelry.  There may be some dog hair on me.  I consider it a win if the flip flops I pull out of the closet don't clash my my top.  This is completely the opposite of my everyday, I-have-places-to-be look, and maybe a little too low-maintenance.

I didn't think my effortless look was getting out of hand until recently.  I was at the local nail spa where I am a regular.  It is a place I usually visit on the weekends, but I was in desperate need of an eyebrow wax.  It was a Thursday.  I stopped by after work.  My hair was blown out.  My work clothing was cute.  I had on heels and makeup.  I was accessorized.  I was also about to get proverbially slapped.

My usual warm greeting was replaced by a blank stare.  There wasn't so much as a note of recognition on anyone's face.  I asked for an eyebrow wax.  And then I heard it.

Me:  "Do you have someone available to do an eyebrow wax?"

Her:  "I didn't recognize you.  You have on nice clothes."

Me:  "Yeah, I just came from work."

Her:  "Your hair looks good.  It's nice like that.  Why don't you wear it like that?"

Me:  Awkwardly trying to explain that I usually just pop in on the weekends.  On my low-maintenance weekends.

Her:  "You look pretty today.  You should dress up more often"

Me:  Laying there completely mortified, wishing the wax was over

Regardless of the appropriateness of the conversation, it made me start thinking.  Have I become too low-maintenance?  Have I been confusing trying to be low-maintenance with becoming a complete slob?  I don't want to be the married girl who lets herself go.  I didn't think it was so bad until this little interaction, but maybe it was. Maybe I needed to put a little more effort into my lazy days.

So I have decided that a little tinted moisturizer on a Saturday won't hurt.  That I can spend the little bit of effort it takes to change into completely doghair-free clothing before I leave the house, even if I am just running to CVS for some toothpaste.  It isn't a complete waste of time to blow-dry my hair, even if I have absolutely no plans that day (and even if my sweet husband tells me that I look completely fine either way).

So I ask, have you ever had one of these life-changing moments?  A small interaction that makes you rethink how you have been going about something in your life, no matter how insignificant it seems?  Did it encourage you to make a positive change?


Jordan Shaner said...

Oh no! That's terrible! I never wear makeup when I go to run errands, especially when I can wear sunglasses! I don't blame you for not wearing makeup!



Mandy Crandell said...

Well, that wasn't mortifying. I say keep doing what you want. Those are your weekends to relax. I have been referred to as "Bohemian" before, because I don't put product in my hair or really wear make-up. I knew the girl meant "caveman". Didn't change anything.


Emmy said...

Let me just say, some of these people that work in the beauty industry...SMH....that's all I'm gonna say.

Anyhoo, I do know what you are saying though. I've had moments like that....perhaps, too many....

Ana said...

Geez, they were a little harsh. But I've been going through the same thing. After three years of being a nanny, I was living in yoga pants and tshirts, messy buns and no make-ups. I try not to overthink this, but now I try to do my hair and put a little make-up and wear my high-heels!

SizzleandZoom said...

I like low maintenance. Good for you. I have to be careful and put some if just a little makeup on when I leave the house.

Katie said...

Hahaha I love this Erin! I get the same reaction when people see pictures of me from weddings {or other such events when the powers that be force me to wear makeup}. Since I literally don't even own makeup, its crazy to hear people's reaction when I actually have some on! Other than that- my clothing and such is pretty consistent :)

rooth said...

I'm also a no-makeup girl and the times that I do wear some, it does make me feel like I'm putting on a costume. However, you should do what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident - and if that means no makeup, then that's fine :)

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