Friday, October 11, 2013

Edinburgh, The Military Tattoo, A Famous Dog & The DaVinci Code Tie-In

Scotland was an absolutely amazing and stunningly beautiful country.  We were in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festivals, which means that the main streets were closed to traffic, and there were street performers everywhere.  All of the theaters in town were hosting productions, and the lines to get in wrapped around the city blocks.  

The packed city streets during the festival.

 One of the first places we visited was Edinburgh Castle.  It is on top of a giant hill.  

We were walking toward the castle entrance here.  It (like everything is the city) was very crowded.

The inside of one of the rooms in the castle.  The royal crest is on the wall.

Swords and armor inside the Great Hall.

This is the dog cemetery that has been in use since Queen Victoria's time.  

The view from the top. 

We also had a chance to attend the Military Tattoo when we were in town.  It is both a military display, and a musical show with bagpipes and drums (and full on marching bands, complete with dancers and acrobats).  Different countries are invited to participate every year, and they put on one heck of a show.  It happens every August, and is definitely a bucket-list worthy event.  

The New Zealand Army Band was definitely a highlight, and I will link you to their performance here, if you are interested.  They were completely amazing.

The Tattoo happens in front of Edinburgh Castle, which becomes a centerpiece throughout the show.  

I really grew to appreciate the sound of bagpipes.

And I love a good marching band.

This was the Pony Marshall, obviously essential to any Tattoo (and one of my favorite parts of the show).  This particular pony has had the job for 19 years, and this was one of his final shows before retirement.

In Edinburgh, we got to visit the famous Greyfriars Bobby.  Legend has it that after his owner died, Bobby (a Skye Terrier) sat by his grave for 14 years, until his death.

The famous statue of Bobby, in front of the pub.

Bobby's grave is in the cemetery located directly behind the pub. 

We also had the chance to visit Rosslyn Chapel, which is famous for being a major plot point in The DaVinci Code (among other things).  The architecture was intricate both inside and out.  

Every detail told a story.  

Edinburgh felt so vibrant and alive, and it was my favorite city on the tour.  Next stop, the Scottish Highlands.  


Emmylou said...

Thanks for sharing these pics, Erin. I don't think I'll be going to Scotland soon, but hopefully someday....the festival looked awesome.

SizzleandZoom said...

Wow. Beautiful Interesting. Wish I were there but you did a great job of bringing it back to us in pictures.

Just Jinny said...

Ok I cannot stop thinking about Scotland and how we really need to go. But the idea of planning and paying for such a trip is so daunting that I'm afraid it might not ever happen.

rooth said...

Any show that features a mini horse is a winner to me!

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