Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Off The Grid

A few years ago, if you would have told me that I would be standing in line to eat food off of a truck, I would have crinkled my nose at you.  I had a few experiences with these trucks before, and to say they were bad would be an understatement.  Enter the gourmet food truck revolution, and suddenly the days of the "roach coach" seem to be ancient history.  

San Francisco has been hosting Off The Grid for a few years now.  Groups of food trucks meet at specified locations, and hoards of people show up to eat from them.  There are food representing many countries, dessert trucks, and even a breakfast truck.  Part of the fun of going is discovering which vendors are going to be there each time.  

On Saturdays, Off The Grid hosts a meet-up in my neck of the woods.  I popped over last weekend to see which trucks were there.  As you can see, it was clearly the place to be.  

There was live entertainment, and lots of seating.  A local radio station also showed up, and many of the trucks had their own music playing.  There was a little bit of sensory overload.  The organizers should probably work on that part a bit.

In all there were 8 trucks to choose from (and this varies from week to week and location to location).  After much careful deliberation, I decided to go with the Sanguchon Food Truck, which serves Peruvian street food.  Having never sampled this type of cuisine, I was completely intrigued. 

Being a complete beef and French fry lover, I decided to give the lomo slatado a try.  It was fantastic.  

I can't wait to go again.  The most difficult decision is going to be whether to get another of these wonderful sandwiches, or give another truck a shot.  Also, I am coming for you, homemade cream puff truck!

Have you given this new generation of gourmet food trucks a try?  


Emmylou said...

I wish we have something like this here. I think Vancouver does, but not us....waaaaah! Have never had Peruvian food, and what u got sounds yummo!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Looks like you had a good time. I have never ate food for a food truck.

Mandy Crandell said...

Haha. 'Roach Coach'... I hadn't heard that before. I remember when I wanted to go to a food truck for the first time, my late boyfriend said, "I'm not eating out of a #$&*?@! truck!"

Kristina said...

Looks like such a fun day. You had me at food truck! YUM!

Londyn said...

Oh, making me so hungry!!

Stephanie said...

We hit up a food truck a couple times a month for lunch! I'm bummed though because I can't have my fave (senor sisig) anymore. No gluten free options. :(

Heather said...

This sounds awesome! There are a ton of gourmet food trucks here in DC now, too.

B said...

i still haven't been to this and i have always wanted to go! ive heard it's amazing!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Yum!! We have a few around here that are pretty good. :)

Sam said...

I think food trucks are becoming quite the trend even here in some Safrican cities, its a really smart and fun idea, no fuss and delicious, Ive never had Peruvian food before, sounds interesting. I appreciate your thoughts hun, please invite me to some of these balls too ;)
Happy End of the Week!

oomph. said...

these are always fun...and lots of good eats. we have something similar here...kind of like a farmer's market with some food trucks. always good food, tho!!

Lorena said...

I always watch on tv the food truck shows. Here we dont have food trucks either. Well, just one that sells regular sandwiches, so i guess it doesnot count.

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