Monday, January 6, 2014

On Resolutions for 2014...

I am going to admit a cold, hard fact.  I am not a great yearly resolution maker.  I find the process a bit daunting, and my list ends up looking something like this.

 The problem isn't that I fear commitment.  I love setting goals and having something to work toward.  However, saying I am going to spend an entire year sticking to a plan I made during a brief state of euphoria brought on by a two week vacation from work (and all of the stresses that come with daily life) never seems to work for me.  

Then I stumbled upon this fill in the blank list on Lauren Conrad's blog (and a similar version on Elle Sees), and really liked the prompts.  It got me thinking about what I would like to be different in 2014.   So here I am, giving this yearly resolutions thing a shot.

Dipping my toe into the water...

1) Bad habit I am going to break:  Sleeping in too late/staying up too late on weekends.  

2) A destination I would like to visit:  We haven't visited Lake Tahoe in a few years, and I would love to go back.  

3)  I'm going to work harder at:  remaining calm 

4) A project I'd like to finish: my album from our summer trip to Europe.  I am currently on page 128 (and I started working on this in September).  

5) A class I'd like to take:  Either photography or Photoshop

6)  I'd like to spend more time doing:  activities outdoors

7)  A food I want to eat more of:  My own baking.  I used to have a passion for it, but I kind of lost it somewhere.  

8)  I want to wear more:  skirts and dresses.  I say this every year, but I never do.  Maybe this will be the year.

Do you make resolutions?


Heather said...

I love this prompt idea! You've made some great resolutions. Mine is to finally start getting back in shape.

SizzleandZoom said...

I never make resolutions. They just seem so easy to break. I am so dug into sleeping late I will never get out of that hole and I would drink before breakfast, lunch and bed if my body didn't revolt so much to it.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

This year I want to be more organized and also get my house all put together. I been living in my new house for 6 month and still have boxes in a few room.

rooth said...

The hardest resolution for me this year is going to be cursing less - it's already such a struggle

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