Monday, January 27, 2014

The Sea And Me

I was looking through my Instagram pictures, and realized that a lot of my life lately has centered around the sea.  My husband and I have had fish tanks off and on for a good part of the last ten years.  We recently decided to start one again, and made it a betta-crab-flounder tank.  This has meant lots of trips to one of my favorite places, the fish store.

This is one of my two red-clawed crabs.  I posted her picture on Instagram, and many of you noticed that she had what looks like the outline of a jack-o-lantern on her back.  So we named her Jack.  Thanks for the suggestion.

One of my favorite tanks to visit at the local fish store holds the sea horses.  This one was just about the eat the brine shrimp right above his mouth.

The snowflake eel is also one of my favorite tanks to visit.  Doesn't this guy looks friendly?  
One day I would like to try a marine (salt-water) tank.

We also had some family in town, and have been spending time outside, enjoying the unseasonably warm January (70 degrees last weekend).  I was pretty taken with these sailboats in our local marina. 

I don't think I had ever seen the Bay so calm before.  

This sweet pup kept diving into the really cold water after a ball.  


The city looked just like a painting from across the bay.

And we watched as AT-AT's  invaded the Port of Oakland. #starwars


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Look like you had a nice weekend. I can't keep fishes alive. So my mother in law got me a toy fish tank. Since I can't kill them.

rooth said...

I'm terribly jealous of the warm weather that y'all are having in the bay area. And I resolved that the next place I move will be close to water... there's something about the sea that's so temperamental and I love it

Heather said...

Great pictures! Your crab is so cute!

Mandy Crandell said...

A saltwater tank would be very cool. Your crab is super cute.

Mila said...

I love the sea, but hate seafood and am not a big fan of fish either. I like the sea horses though, they're cute.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

wow, I love the second to last photo, it does look like a painting! So pretty.

I love seahorses! you have to get some for your aquarium, they are adorable! Please, so I can live vicariously :-)

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