Monday, May 5, 2014

Feeling Inspired

Did you ever have a hobby that you really loved, and then one day you realize you haven't done it in at least six years?  That happened to me this weekend.  I was cleaning out a closet, on the never-ending search for extra storage in our house.  It was my scrapbooking closet, the space I was so excited to have when we bought this place.  Everything was covered in dust.

I started looking through the items I had stored. I am a saver, completely sentimental about the silliest little things.  I found the post-it that my husband had originally written his email and phone number on so many years ago.  I had asked him for some computer advice that I "needed" that day.  I must have known then that he was going to be really important in my life.  How could I ever throw this piece of paper away?

So I pulled everything out of the closet, and started looking through each drawer in my storage cart.  I  noticed that I stopped printing pictures around 2009.  In this digital age, it is so easy to create everything online.  However, I have this space between 2005- 2009 where I hadn't scrapbooked anything, but had all of these pictures neatly organized into envelopes.

 I had to make a decision about all of this stuff I had taking up valuable space in my shrinking house.  I thought that I could quickly scan all of the pictures and make a digital album, but I have so much cardstock, and so many stickers.  I used to have so much fun creating.  I should try to go back and scrap all of this.  Why is it that the scrapbook stores that I used to frequent have gone out of business.  Wait, does anyone still scrapbook anymore?  Am I pursuing a dying hobby?  Maybe I don't really care.

So I have the summer.  It is only May now.  Can I scrap the rest of the pictures I have printed out so all of this paper doesn't end up in a yard sale?  To be honest, I still haven't finished creating my album from our trip to Europe last summer, and that is totally digital.  I expect this to be quite an undertaking, but I feel like I have so much money invested in materials, I at least have to give it a try.  And so many memories of the life my husband and I have built together.  I want to make sure it is all documented.  Every magical second counts.


Amy Fashion Blog said...

I haven't scrapbook in a long time. Good luck getting back in to it.

Heather said...

Good luck, and have fun! I've never scrapbooked before, but it always sounds like fun when I hear about and see other people's creations.

Kelly said...

I did the same thing when we were packing up! I realized i had neglected my scrapbook/craft area. I totally know that feeling of nostalgia you're talking about!

Ana said...

I've been meaning to print pictures and make digital photo albums for ages! Have fun scrapbooking! At least your pictures are already organized ;)

SizzleandZoom said...

Good luck with all that scrap booking. I am putting it off, still. lol. It seems some blogs fall off my blog roll and I lose sight of them. I have to go searching for them as I did for yours today. Missed seeing your precious pets.

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