Monday, June 2, 2014

#100HappyDays Update

I have been participating in the #100happydays challenge.  Simply put, I am documenting one thing that brings joy to my life daily, for 100 straight days.  Today is day 61, and so far, I am loving this.  It is fun to look back and see what really makes me happy.  Not surprisingly, a lot of it involves my pets and my garden.  Here are a few of my highlights.  

Opening a very special bottle we brought back from Scotland.

My tiny, sweet Harriet loves to steal the biggest chewie from Meatball.  Always.

The view from a relative's house.  The Bay Area is just so beautiful.  

Has anyone seen Harriet?  Where can she be hiding?

My beautiful delphiniums. 

My first flower arrangements from our garden this year (plus a special guest star).

My snail Blue, giving a ride to a cherry shrimp.

My frog Hazel Grace and her enormous feet.

Two knuckleheads and a laser beam.

Two of my favorite things: frogs and the Raiders (for my garden).

My peonies bloomed, and they were spectacular.

Yoga frog....Om

Harriet and Petunia, young and beautiful 

Dusk from my backyard.  The thrushes were singing and it was an unusually warm evening.  The dogs were chasing the remaining light across the yard.  My husband was making and amazing dinner and stalking EBay.  I could even see a planet.  In that moment, everything was perfect.  

The fact that Petunia sleeps with her paws crossed.

I know this much is true

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Let me know if you are participating.  I would love to see your pictures.


Amy Fashion Blog said...

great pictures, I just started doing this yesterday.

rooth said...

Those flowers are from your garden? How gorgeous!

Elle Sees said...

pup butt!! too cute! harriet needs to work on her hiding skills! ;)

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