Sunday, November 2, 2014

My So-Called Instagram Life: Halloween 2014

Hi everyone!!  I know I have been a horrible blogger, but HALLOWEEN!!!  You know it is one of my favorite holidays, and I would never let it pass without checking in with you.  I love this mummy.  Our outside is pretty scary, but our inside tends towards cutesy (with husband throwing in a little scary).   

The first weekend in October usually looks like this.  We pull all of our Halloween decor off of the shelves and start sorting it to see what we have.  

This is our dogbar (the area where we keep all of our dog's meds).  The only thing new here is the Dia de los Meurtos nutcrackers, which I completely adore.  

This is our people bar.  A few new things this year, but one of my favorites is the Pug Vader card from a dear friend.  

This is our evil clown.  You have all spent a lot of time hating on him.  He even freaks me out, but he makes for a fun Halloween.  

We decided sometime early on that we needed more body parts, both human and clown.  Side note: Are you guys watching American Horror Story?  Twisty the Clown gave me nightmares!!

Every year we add a little to our zombie baby collection.  I don't like to put them out until the day of, so I have a lot of time to think about their story.  Here they are, waiting in my foyer.

It rained all Halloween day.  I was worried we wouldn't get trick-or-treaters, but it cleared up at dusk.   This is a view of our street, with our neighbor's beautiful tree. 

Our pumpkin Yoda and pumpkin Vader were front and center.

Our gnomes vs. zombie gnomes conflict was reaching new heights.

The zombie babies found a place with a zombie guard dog watching over them.  

Scenes from our yard at night.  

Is this jack-o-lantern scare or happy?  We are a house divided. 

Here is our clown tree (with body parts) from a distance.

Here it is a little closer.

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween!!


aki! said...

I am an adult looking at pictures on the internet... and legitimately terrified.

7% Solution

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I love how you always go way out for Halloween.

Heather said...

Everything looks great! I love the Dia de los Muertos nutcrackers.

rooth said...

I love how you guys go all-out every single year for Halloween - hope it was an excellent one!

Pratishtha Khan said...

Appropriately creeped out by the Halloween pictures! Seems like you had a fabulous one!

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