Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Can't Stop Taking Pictures of our Backyard (Is That Normal?)

Since we have decided to move, I have had the urge to take pictures of our backyard every night.  I have never been attached to a house before this.  My husband and I got married when we lived here. We adopted Petunia and Harriet when we lived here.  I started my blog when we lived here.  I feel like I could go on and on, with all of the firsts.  So, I am trying to enjoy the time we have left.  Not that we won't ever come back, because we both have job and family obligations.  I just love California.  I met my husband here.  I discovered my career here.  I met some amazing friends here. Change is never easy for me.  I long for adventure, yet I want everything around me to stay the same.

Scenes from my backyard:
The cotton candy skies.

The kind of evening that you look back on as the good old days.

I took this on June 21st, usually my favorite day of the year because it is the longest.  However, we had to move all of our furniture into our kitchen and dining room because we were getting new carpet.  It felt like the longest day of the year, for the first time ever.  

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rooth said...

You'll have all of those wonderful memories - and then all the excitement of moving to a new place!

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