Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stitch Fix #2

For my second fix, my theme was airport chic.  I have been traveling for work, and I always feel like such a slob when I get off the plane.  My stylist Brittany did not disappoint, and I received another fabulous box.  I will tell you upfront that I only ended up keeping two of the five items she sent to me, but I found two pieces that I would not have discovered on my own.  I feel like I already have a good wardrobe foundation, but I am looking to augment with items that I wouldn't necessarily pick out for myself.  Let's get into the details.

Papermoon Pensacola Lace Back Knit Top ($54):  I really wanted to love this top.  Brittany suggested that I pair it with leggings, knee-high boots, and my Bancroft necklace from my first fix for for a comfortable and chic look.  I wear leggings most of the time when I travel, so this was right up my alley!  However, the top did me no favors in the figure department (I ended up looking pretty lumpy).  The lace detail that covered the back was beautiful (and not see through, which is a bonus for me).  I just couldn't pull this one off, so to the return envelope it went.

Laju Valora Embroidered Top ($58):  I was so excited to see that this top was included in my fix.  I had pinned this to my Pinterest board, and thought it would be a great addition to my closet.  The embroidery detail was beautiful in person, and this is a top that can easily be dressed up or down. The top was a little wrinkly from shipping, but I realized that I was running out of time to send back the items that I wasn't going to keep (and scrambled to do this photo shoot).  This was a keeper!

Margaret M Emer High Waisted Trouser ($98):  I fell in love with Emers during my first fix, and even pinned a few pairs to my board asking for more.  I am so happy that my second pair was basic black, because they could not be more versatile.  I also like the way by rear looks in them (almost like it has some kind of shape to it).  These were definite keepers as well!

Diba Adela Laser Cut T-Strap Sandals ($75):  Did you know that Stitch Fix now carries shoes?  I was super excited to receive this pair in my box.  They were both cute and comfortable, and fit me really well.  My only issue with these was that I owned another pair similar enough that I couldn't justify keeping these (but that says a lot about Brittany getting my style).  I ultimately ended up sending these back.

Here are the top, pants, and shoes together.  There is no denying that they make a completely adorable outfit.  This is absolutely my style, and absolutely something I would wear.

Collective Concepts Andersson Printed Kimono ($48):  I did ask that Brittany send a kimono in my fix so I could try out something for the summer that wasn't a cardigan.  She suggested that I wear it over the top and pants for an easy and professional travel look.  I loved this concept, however the kimono was simply too big on me, and completely swallowed my shape.  I loved the material, the embroidered edges, and the pattern.  I may ask to try again in my next fix, but size down to see if I can pull it off.  I ultimately had to send this one back.

Since the kimono didn't work out so well, I grabbed a short sleeved cardigan and ballet flats from my closet to put together an outfit that I would wear to work or even on a plane.  If I wasn't convinced to keep the top and pants before, I was completely sold now.

I would consider my second fix a complete success!  For me, it isn't about having a five out of five every time. I really enjoy the process of have a stylist pick out pieces that I might not choose for myself and discovering new brands.  A lot of the fun is in the surprise (although I do admit to peeking on the Stitch Fix app, once my package has been sent).

If you are interested in trying your own Stitch Fix, here is my referral link  (I get a Stitch Fix credit if you use my link).  Once you create your own account, you take a style profile quiz to help you stylist identify your likes and wants.  You are also encouraged to create a Pinterest board, where you can pin items that suit your style and even request items from other people's fixes that you want for yourself. There is a styling fee of $20 per fix, which goes towards keeping any items you decide that you can't live without.  If you keep all 5 items they send you, you get an additional 25% off of your entire order. 

It is worth mentioning that you can have fixes sent to you as often or infrequently as you want.  There is an option for automatic fixes (delivered in intervals of your choosing), as well as an option for a one time fix.  Either way, you get to choose the approximate delivery date.  You can also choose not to have certain types of items or colors sent in your fixes.  You can even choose items for upcoming events (think wedding season shopping) and the price points you are comfortable spending.

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