Monday, January 17, 2011

I Am Random

Admittedly, I considered this as a name for my blog.  I don’t mean to be so scattered, but I seem have a way with effortlessly switching topics mid-discussion, for reasons that all make sense in my head, but my friends don’t always follow.  We’ll call it a quirk:)

I believe that making lists helps to reign in some of that randomness.  Plus, I don’t forget all the things that I need to buy, do, try, sample, etc.  Here is a list of some random lovelies from Anthropologie that are on my mind today:

I need this.  I can just picture it on a tray with a teapot and dainty spoon, while I curl up on the couch and read through my never ending stack of magazines.


  Gulping Guppy Ring Dish

Hubby is always taking off his ring to wash his hands or do dishes.  He also loves anything having to do with fish.  This would be a perfect place for him to always know where he put his ring. 

China Cabinet Bracelet

I just love the idea of wearing something made out of a really pretty china pattern. And the satin bow makes it about as girly as can be.

In The Rough Earrings

I just adore the accidental look of there earrings.  They are perfectly imperfect, and I can see them easily transitioning from day to night, and adding a little bit of funk to my work attire.

Sumi-E Scape Top

This tops somehow manages to be interesting visually, while also very muted.  I could see wearing this with so many things in my closet, is it definitely  high on my list of spring purchases.


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