A Dog's Life (Or 3)

I have three dogs; Petunia the pug, Meatball the American Bulldog, and Harriet the Porkshire (or porkie).  They have very individual personalities, and differing levels of enthusiasm for having their picture taken.  And if you want to know more...

Rules to Live By:  If it feels good, do it.  This applies to demanding snuggles, walks, and play time.  Also to having accidents on the carpet at will and with no warning.  Like I am not even standing right there.

Arrival Day: 4/19/10

Nicknames: Tuna, Tunafish, Fishy, Ba-doonia

Likes:  Snuggling any time and any place and with anything, biting Meatball's armpits, stealing bullysticks from the other dogs, licking Meaty and Harriet, Animal Planet

Pet Peeves:  The vacuum cleaner, trash bags, the word "no", dogs on tv, Animal Planet (where she can't attack the dogs on tv)

Favorite Toy:  Whatever Harriet seems to be enjoying at the moment

Favorite Quirk: Her extra-long tongue that is always hanging out of her mouth (see picture)

Rules to Live By:  To protect and defend (and get lots of belly rubs).  He looks a lot scarier than he is.

Birthday Day: 5/23/07

Nicknames:  Meaty-B, Meaty Dog, Dr. Dog

Likes:  Belly rubs, sitting on laps (all 110 lbs. of him), playing with his little sisters, chasing squirrels up trees,  Animal Planet

Pet Peeves:  Mom and dad going to work, people walking on the sidewalk in front of our house, being forcibly humped by any other dog

Favorite Toy:  Ham the Pig

Favorite Quirk:  His one brown eye patch

Rules to Live By: Never back down.  It isn't the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog.

Arrival Day:  12/17/10

Nicknames:  Hattie, Hattiecakes, Cakers, Honeybear (doesn't she look like one?), Clea-Hatra, Hat-a-lyn

Likes: Chasing airplanes out of our backyard, belly rubs, headbutting Petunia, Animal Planet

Pet Peeves:  Being forced to snuggle when it isn't her idea, when the sliding glass door is closed and she can't go outside hen she wants, cats, an empty food bowl

Favorite Toy:  Pink dog (see above)

Favorite Quirk:  Her crooked smile

I'm Erin

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Hi, I'm Erin. I am living back on the east coast after 15 years out west. Currently readjusting to humidity and mosquitos. I love to take pictures and read fashion magazines.... and to talk about nothing in particular (ok, and my dogs).

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