Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I Need...Now (November Edition)

I haven't been doing much shopping for anything lately. Actually, that isn't completely true.  I have been purchasing a bunch of unexciting basics lately, nothing that was interesting enough to post here.  I realized that I might be in a bit of a shopping slump, and it was time to do a little browsing.  So off to the mall I ran during lunch today, and then home to search through my recent bookmarks for a little inspiration.

I love the pockets and zippers on these jeans.  Plus, the color is perfection.

FP Utility Jeans With Zippers  $98

I do have a penchant for claiming men's t-shirts as my own.  I have loved Gemma Correll's pug artwork for years, and think these are just adorable.

Gemma Correll Pug Life Tee  $24

Gemma Correll Pugs No DrugsT $24

Husband and I love fish related items, and have a small collection of marine life ornaments.  I MUST add this beauty to our collection this year.

Iced Whale Ornament  $16
I finally upgraded my old iPhone 3G when the 4S came out.  Of course, that meant it was time to buy a new case, and this was the only one I wanted.  I could only find it available for purchase via Cath Kidston on-line, and the ordering process has not been a smooth one.  Two weeks later, and I am still hoping that it will come in the mail every day.  

British Birds iphone 4 Case $40

This picture does not do this beautiful bracelet justice.  I saw it in person at Banana Republic today, it is so sparkly and dangly (two qualities I love in holiday jewelry).  Perfect for all of those seasonal party needs.

Multi-bead shimmer bracelet  $39.50
I love the buckle detail on these, as well as the patent leather trim.  

Me Too 'Lysette' Flat  $79.95

And if I had an extra $700 just burning a hole in my pocket....
It is just so beautiful.

kate spade new york 'cherie' wool coat  $695

What is on your list?


Punctuation Mark said...

i need a new camera... desperately!

Vanilla - Notes from my closet said...

Great shopping list! :) I adore the Pug tee's :) I think I would like a new Christmas party dress about now... I like to be organised early :)

Love, Vanilla

Adele said...

I love the whale ornament, so unusual! The ballerinas are gorgeous too. I need to compile a huge list as it's my birthday in a couple of weeks xoxo

colleen said...

that coat! kate spade gets me every time.

Mal said...

Those pug shirts are fantastic and will be a perfect xmas gift for a pug loving friend of mine!

Portuguese Prepster said...

love the shimmer bracelet!

CupCake Earthquake said...

I almost bought the Pugs Not Drugs shirt this weekend!! Love it.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

oooh! I love that iphone case!

Right now on my wishlist... mostly boots, of all shapes, colors and heights. It's fall, and fall means scarves... and BOOTS :-)


love the red pants!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

OMG!!!! First of all LOVE, I mean LOVE the new blog layout!!!!! I want a new one for my blog but dont know who to go with! The pug t-shirts are too cute!

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh those JEANS! Not fair that you bring this up while I'm poor...

Stephanie said...

You seriously need to get one of those pug t-shirts.

Elle Sees said...

that bracelet needs to be MINE!
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