Monday, November 19, 2012

Making My House Look More Thanksgiving-ish

Husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time ever.  We have a large group of people coming over, so we were able to dole out assignments to spread out the work.  One of the tasks I took on was making our house holiday ready.  You know I love to decorate for Halloween and Christmas, but I only had a few things for Thanksgiving.  After multiple trips to Party City and Crate and Barrel, among other places, I think I finally have finally achieved a festive feeling.  Here are some of the fun items I stumbled across while I was putting our decor together.  I only ended up purchasing a few of these things, but I really liked all of these ideas.  If you are wondering, Leaves is one of the best smelling Bath & Body Works candles I have ever smelled.  

Are you into Thanksgiving decor?  Are you hosting or going to be a guest?

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


Adele said...

Good luck with hosting Thanksgiving...I'm sure it'll be lovely!
Happy Monday Hun xoxo

fluff and fripperies said...

I can't wait to see pics of the final look! I wish we had a Bath & Body Works here xo

Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

Lovely picks! Especially the pumpkin casserole and the turkey candle holder.
Part of me would love to have a Crate & Barrel and Bath and Bodyworks over here too......but another part of me is RELIEVED that we don´t (would be hard on my savings :)

Can´t wait to see the results! xoxo

Emmy said...

I'm totally gonna look for that Leaves candle, Erin. Thanks for sharing! And advanced Happy Thanksgiving!

rooth said...

I'm hosting as well and been running around this weekend looking for stuff as well. West Elm is having a 20% off tableware sale if you still don't have enough stuff. I've got to grab napkins and I think I'll be done. I have some ideas in mind for crafts but if they don't get done because I have to make 5 dishes, then they don't get done. Whew~! I think I'm stressing myself out just from commenting on your blog :)

Jenny @ Spry On The Wall said...

My best friend got me that turkey apron for my birthday (since I'm making Thanksgiving dinner, again, this year)! I put it on and my 4 year old daughter told me I "look like a turkey!" LOL!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

these are GREAT! i'm a holiday person also. so these are things i would've picked for my house too. hope you have a wonderful celebration. mine is very low key this year. gobble! gobble!

Niki Caron said...

I love that pumpkin casserole dish!!!

E said...

Cute! I'm not much of a seasonal decorator.

SizzleandZoom said...

Are you going to post your final decorations? I'd love to see. If I was choosing I would not leave the store without the pumpkin casserole and the straw turkeys.

colleen said...

that pumpkin casserole is awesome. good luck hosting for the first time!

Ann said...

Great finds.
Happy Thanksgiving
and you made me aware that I too am lacking of Thanksgiving decorations in my home.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love the smells of fall!

honey my heart said...

i really like all of that decor. we spend thanksgiving with my in-laws so don't really decorate, but now i want to decorate next year :) a turkey here or there would be so fun.

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