Monday, September 16, 2013

August Favorites: Things I Discovered Abroad

Spending three weeks in a foreign country was quite a fun and enlightening experience.  I was surprised to see how many American companies were everywhere.  Starbucks and McDonalds were on every corner, which I did not expect.  However, it was the not-available-in-America things that were the most memorable.  

 I mean absolutely no disrespect in pointing out some of the things that I found amusing. 

The first day of our trip started out with a rainbow.  OK, we do have these back in the states, but it was one of my favorite things because it represented the start of a beautiful voyage.

 I am pretty sure that ads in the next two pictures speak for themselves.  

The street signs were completely different.  Why do these people look like aliens and where exactly is that woman's hand?

It took me a while to figure out that this sign had nothing to do with leprechauns and was for school crossings.

Of course, I brought my gnome Salvatore with my trip.  He even starred in a few choice Instagram shots.  

I adored the proper black cabs in England.  We tried to pop the boot for our luggage our first time.  Turns out, it doesn't have one.

The building were all old, and very uniform looking, but it seemed like every door was painted a bright color. Why don't I have a purple door?

Everyone seems to have a cottage garden or a hanging basket spilling over with flowers.  I used to think I was ok at gardening until this trip.  I now realize that i have a lot to learn (and I need to learn it before next spring, so I can steal some of the ideas I saw).

The iconic red double-decker buses everywhere.  

I love these signs. I feel like they were put there especially for me, because I was always looking the wrong way.  Seriously, I almost got hit by a bus no less than six times.  My husband spent a lot of time throwing his arm up as a barrier.  I kept singing The Smith's "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" in my head.  I feel as if I have new insight into it now.

And if a double-decker bus 
Crashes into us 
To die by your side 
Is such a heavenly way to die 

 The bathroom with the sink that first dispenses soap, then gives you water (for what seems like one hour), and then air dries your hands.

I loved the Tube. It takes you everywhere (so much easier than BART). On another note, a very scary gentleman threatened to slit the throat of the weirdo sitting next to me on my very first ride. In his defense, the weirdo was asking for it. I will always treasure this memory.

Have you ever traveled abroad and marveled at the out of the ordinary?


Emmylou said...

I think I like your "leprechauns crossing" interpretation better....
Must really see England soon!

TheTinyHeart said...

Aww that pug ad is the cutest! I would LOVE to go to England one day!

The Tiny Heart

SizzleandZoom said...

Very entertaining post. Loved your observations. I hope you have more.
This was fun to read.

Emma Henderson said...

Great post, look forward to hearing more about your trip!

Loulou said...

Looks so wonderful. Those signs are very funny. And I was just talking to my husband yesterday about us painting our front door red or bright blue. It would beat the boring cream colour it is now!

rooth said...

That leprechauns sign really got me chuckling when you posted it to Instagram. Did you notice the ziggy zaggy crosswalks too (a la The Beatles)?

Lorena said...

For me trips are the best learning experience.
I personally dislike seeing MC D or Taco Well or even LV, Prada or just big names everywhere - it's like you find the same things in every country. I prefer going local when on trips so i can really experience the place.
I was in Istambul 2 months ago and ate everything off the street vendors - luckily i did not get sick!

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