Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pink Dog

When we first rescued my sweet Harriet, she didn't have any toys.  It was about a week before Christmas, and Santa Pug always brings a bag full of goodies.  Pink Dog was always meant for Harriet.  It was the first toy we presented to her, and she promptly ran off to another room and hid it.  

Eight months later, Pink Dog is a little bit worse for the wear.  She is missing a lot of stuffing, and has some long threads hanging off of her.  However, she is Hattie's best friend.  Sometimes I wake up and find pink dog in the bed with me.  Last night, they looked a little something like this.

 I really love my little dog.  My life is better for having her in it.  She reminds me how important the little thing in life are.


colleen said...

oh wow, that is beyond precious. she's lucky to have you, too!

Portuguese Prepster said...


Lindsey said...

Aw this is so precious!

le sorelle said...

This is adorable! :)

sorelle in style

Stephanie said...

This is the sweetest little photo ever! What a lucky puppy :)

Jamie said...

What a sweetie. My itty Clare has a squeaky apple core toy and sleeps with it almost every night.

Keep pinky dog!

(Florida) Girl said...

Um, I think I am in love. Sweet.

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I love the little things in life. My hubs and I are currently discussing cat or dog.

Elle Sees said...

My dog has several babies he sleeps with. When he strews them all over the house, I threaten (jokingly) to send them to the orphan puppies with no toys. He then starts hiding them. It's too cute. Like I could get rid of his toys!

Bad Joan said...

Your dog is just adorable! This picture is precious!


MakeupxSparkles said...

omg that it the cutest thing on earth i love ur dog !! <3

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that seriously made my day! What a sweet picture :) I'm so glad you have her, and that she has you!

B.Inspired said...

Awww....your dog is adorable and that pig dog is just very well loved ;)

Anonymous said...

you are so sweet, I really love this post! <3

MM said...

He is so cute!! Our Bobo does the same thing with toys!!


Anonymous said...

She is beyond adorable. I love seeing pictures of other peoples pets - they melt my heart :)

I came across your blog because the name drew me in & now I'm here to stay.


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

she is such a sweet dog and i love her toy :) xxx

It-Blogirls said...

so cute

Anonymous said...

awww ~ this is absolutely precious!! my dog has the exact same toy but in a different color. the stuffing is completely gone so he now just plays around with the hollow body!!
xo ~ kristina

Anonymous said...

This is adorable! I love when dogs lay in cute ways that just make you so happy they are next to you!

What a precious pup!

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