Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Santa: A Wishlist

I love the holidays.  I love giving gifts probably more than I love receiving them.  There is something fun about the challenge of picking out just the perfect thing for someone else.  I grew up in a wishlist house.  Every year, my mom would take me to Toys R Us and let me pick out a bunch of toys that I wanted.  When I got older, I would simply put together a wishlist of the things that I had my eye on, hoping I would get at least a few of them.  It was one of the most fun traditions ever.  As an adult, husband and I do the same thing (and my mom still has me pick out my own gift).  Here are a few things on my holiday wishlist this year.  I do hope one or two appear under my tree.  

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies Wishlist- Xmas 11

GAP puffer jacket
$80 -

American Eagle outfitter
$16 -

Wide leg pants
$32 -

Skipperling Mirror
$42 -

Toms shoes
$54 -

Marc by marc jacobs watch
$175 -

Culinary Torch | Crate&Barrel
$32 -

Iridescent Petals Frame
$24 -


ShinyPrettyThings said...

i think it's great to always hv a wishlist. i always keep one in the back of my mind so i hv something to work towards. my wishlist is so longggggg hahahaha

Adele said...

Fingers crossed you get what you want Erin. We do a wishlist too! I could do with that cooks blowtorch xoxo

colleen said...

ooo. the pioneer woman cookbook is a good one!

Kristina said...

I think Toms are top on my list. I think I want red ones!!!

Mal said...

Great list! Love the PW cookbook so much, and there's another coming out in March too!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

You have some wonderful ideas in this post. I would like some these, too.

Michelle said...

I want those Toms so bad! I bought a normal pair for my bf for christmas. I hope he loves them and then feels like I need a pair - I'll choose those!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

These are the most amusing salt and pepper shakers I've seen so far!

And yep, I totally agree, there's most definitely something special about the challenge of picking out the perfect gift for someone you care about!

Gawgus things... said...

These are great items! I love buying presents for people as well!
Emma xx

Elle Sees said...

i want it all! minus RZ book, only bc I own it!

Lorena said...

I dont have a wishlist this year.
However I have my eyes set on a pair of sunglasses, Baroque Prada. Maybe I'll get them for me. I think I have been good.

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