Thursday, January 5, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Here is a little awesome and awkward for ya.   As always, inspired by Sydney over at The Daybook.  


- Adele, Someone Like You...if I never heard it again I would be an oh-so-happy camper.  It was fine at first, but I am pretty sure it is now part of some kind of experiment to see how long people will tolerate the same song being played over and over again on the radio, ad nauseam.  

- Husband and I finished 4 seasons of Sons of Anarchy between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is my new favorite show.  We got so sucked in, we were watching about 3 episodes a night.  Then we ran out, and now we have to wait until next fall for more. What to do with those 3 hours a night now?  I guess we (Kidding...we actually talk while we are watching  SOA..we are good multi-taskers).

Things that didn't happen this morning: I definitely didn't realize my shirt was wrinkled and use my flat iron to fix it while wearing it. And it definitely didn't work.

- I am curious, what exactly is this used for?


- Sons of Anarchy.  Seriously, I am way too involved with the goings-on in Charming.  

- Have you seen the Wampug?  I die!

-Have you seen the Wampug in action? (note: this is not my pug)

- Need help dealing with the local zombie population?  Look no further.

- Are you a zombie, in need of a little decay repair?  We gotcha covered.

- These glow in the dark posters that reveal the seedier side of the city.  

- I saw this great deal on Zoya nail polish on See Chloe Shop and jumped on it.  Thought you might be interested too.  Two free colors of your choice (how awesome is that?), all you pay is shipping (with code).  You're welcome!


Adele said...

Aaah, I absolutely love that song, but I guess your radio stations are playing it to death! I guess any song can get annoying when that happens xoxo

joanne hegarty said...

Love Adele, hate overplay. Edible Beef Blood sounds absolutely revolting. We got hooked on The Sopranos, and the Wire just like that too !

Happy New Year Erin

Charis said...

Edible beef blood... maybe it's used to make something like black pudding?!

colleen said...

dude. that beef blood is beyond foul. where do people come up with this stuff?!

Gawgus things... said...

Wampug is soooo cool! I love him!
Emma xx

Elle Sees said...

in atl we have a zombie shoot out--you get to shoot ppl dressed like zombies with paintbull guns in a haunted house. and we have a zombie parade of sorts.
and i'm over that song too!

Loulou said...

omg ... that Wampug ... so sad but pretty cute. And what is that edible beef blood used for, I wonder? ewe

Loulou Downtown

Little Ms. Fun said...

LOL I just giggled all the way through this post. 1) Adele needs to get off of the radio. 2) Beef blood, like why? 3) Note to self: watch the pug video when I get home 4) Everyone keeps talking about Sons of Anarchy. I have so many shows to watch...but if it's that good...


amy b.s. said...

our radio stations finally stopped playing it every 5 minutes about a month ago. i can finally listen to the cd again without wanting to throw it out the window!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Ok so this post just made me laugh out loud! My local radio station is known for making people wanna drive off the road for hearing the same song 5 times in 3 minutes. I'm with you....what the heck would you need "edible" beef blood the side eye.

Morgan said...

Beef blood?!! I am so with you... What is that used for?!? And thanks for the zombie tips - I can always use more! =)

Stephanie said...

I love that the poor pug refuses to look at the camera. Almost as if he's embarrassed.

And beef blood??? A friend of mine told me recently that his mom makes some kind of filipino pork stew that uses pig blood. Maybe there's a beef version?? Either way, ew.

Kodi said...

I totally agree about the Adele thing. We have a radio on at work, and I swear we hear it like once every couple hours.

I still sing the loudest I can when it comes on in the car though. No shame;)

Anonymous said...

Wampug! Hahaha too funny.

And yes... the Adele song must go.

Tina Lane said...

I heart wampug.

The PvdH Journal said...

Adele is totally amazing! And I just got Sons of Anarchy on DVD last week! Cant wait to watch this weekend. whoooo hoooo nice coincidence!

Grace said...

Ew edible beef blood?! That's not gross at ALL....


Erin said...

Yum edible beef blood! Not. I love this Wampug! Soo adorable! haha


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