Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Here is a little awesome and awkward for ya.   As always, inspired by Sydney over at The Daybook.  


-I have been slowing down my blog posting recently to try to catch up on comments and visit all of your blogs.  I am still trying to catch up, but please know that I do read everything and really appreciate each and every comment.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

-Speaking of commenting, I beg of you, please turn of your CAPTCHAs (word verification). Google seems to have updated their software to make each word verification virtually impossible to read and therefore, to type.  Sometimes it prevents me from commenting on your blogs.   Also, Google really does have an excellent spam filter.  Please at least consider it.  Pretty please.

-Handerpants:  Not sure this really needs an explanation.  I would love to hear your thoughts here.

Buy them here
- As you know, Picnik is shutting down.  I pretty much use if for all of my DSLR pictures, so I am a bit devastated.  I found this great post Centsational Girl did on the best options for other free applications.  It is worth a read.

-Recent search terms used to find my blog: "fat guy with jackhammer" and "18 year old Swedish porn."  I am not sure what I wrote about to show up in those searches, but I had a good laugh. 


- One of my favorite days of the year is the first time all winter that I notice it is staying light out much longer.  This weekend I finally had that day.

- Valentine's Day flowers and the most touching card from husband.

-  My first Camellia bloom of the season

-  Biscoff Spread:  I originally read about this on a few of your blogs (also known as Speculoos).  You guys raved about it, and of course, I had to find it.  This stuff is definitely as good as you say it is (and rivals my love for Nutella).  It is like a crushed up ginger cookie that was turned into a peanut butter-like substance (which is why it is called cookie butter).  It tastes fantastic on apples, Ritz crackers, and fresh baguettes.  This is definitely worth a try.  If you want to look for it yourself, here is a listing of places that carry it in your area.

-This is the view from my office parking lot.  I love California.

- Zoya had a promotion for two free nail polishes (all you had to pay was shipping and handling) about a month ago.  I love them.

Zoya polish in Barbie and Faye


Adele said...

Here here re the captchas! I can't read them at the best of times, now it takes twice as long to comment!!!
Happy Thursday xoxo

elite barcelona said...

I totally agree with the Biscoff spread ! And also with the AKWARD handerpants ! What's that !! Hope they are not serious ...

Loulou said...

omg .. Fat guy with a jackhammer! Hilarious. And I want a pair of those attractive gloves.


Beautyshades said...

I agree takes so long to comment with word verification.

Can I ask you a favour?
I just recently changed my blog template. IN On firefox I can see my blog just fine but with explorer I cannot see my blog after I click a post. Can you be so kind and check out if the same happens to you? If not I may have to change my template back. Thank you.

colleen said...

i hate word verification, too. the worst.

handerpants is hilarious

thank you for that link to centsational girl - i love picnik and i'm not happy about them shutting down.

those search terms are hilarious.

The Blonde Duck said...

MuST find biscoff spread....

Emmy said...

Totally agree with turning off that word verification thing....argh...and those handerpants...too stylish:P

fluff and fripperies said...

That camellia is so beautiful! xo

Heather said...

The word verification process drives me nuts, too! Plus, I'm always on my blog daily to check for spam comments anyway, and you can also set it up so that you have to approve any comments left after a post has been up a certain number of days.

Jax said...

Fat Guy W/ Jackhammer???? OMG!! I almost just fell on the floor. hahaha

and the word verification thing is awful! I can't read them either. I second your plead for help w/ that one...hahaha

rooth said...

I saw Biscoff spread and always wondered if it was as good as it sounds - gotta try it out. I will be turning captcha off, what a royal pain

amy b.s. said...

okay, i got totally side tracked with the handerpants and still can't figure out what to say!

Kristina said...

Ok handerpant, ewwwies! I LOVE the day when you realize its 5:00 and not pitch black outside. We are getting there winter is almost over. Bring on SPRING!!!

E said...

Those Google search terms are so funny! And I'm totally with you on the word's annoying!

Ana said...

I love the terms that people search for that lead to my blog! Hilarious!!!

aki! said...

I can't agree enough about the captcha. It bothers me so much now.

June said...

Great post Erin! I completely agree with you that its high time people turn the captchas off as they new ones are terrible! Also, the handerpants are hilarious!! Glad you had a lovely valentines day! Sadly mine was spent alone and bored but i will make up for it soon!

The Blonde Duck said...

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog. Maybe we can follow each other?

Bonnie said...

I would wear handerpants. But only in really cold weather. And probably only in front of Mr. A. But I would NEVER tell him that is what they were called, or he would make fun of me.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Lorena said...

You crack me up !
Swedish porn ?!?
I am so sad for Picnik - it was my go-to site, it still is but I still need to find me a replacement so thank you for suggesting the post from Censational girl.

Charis said...

Handerpants?! Erm... no.

Biscoff spread sounds delicious but I've never seen it over here :(

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