Tuesday, April 10, 2012

spring blog swap & a story you NEED to see

As you may know, sweet Katie over at J&K hosted a spring blog swap.  This is my second year participating, and this time I was matched up with Jenny from Strictly Strickland's.  She put together an amazing package for me.  Seriously, she is like my sister from another mister that I just met a week ago:)  

See, there was suspense from the second I opened the box.  After reading my adorable card (guess I missed that picture) I couldn't wait to see what was inside.  Really, it is like she already knew me.  Everything inside was something I loved.  I am so lucky to have been matched up with her.

Wet N Wild Nail Polish (in Club Havana)
Flip flop picture holder
Owl car air freshener in pink sangria (one of my favorite animals and favorite scents from Bath & BodyWorks)
Cute floral cup
Notepad and pen
Pink spatula
Fresh Picked Peach hand soap by Bath & BodyWorks (another favorite of mine)
A large nail file by Bath and BodyWorks (more favorites)
Cadbury Mini-Eggs (I wait all year for these to come out)
Springtime napkins
Two Ferrero Rocher eggs (I had never seen these before, but they were amazing.  I have searched for them since, but no dice).

Thank you Jenny, for everything!!!


On a completely separate note, I watched this last night, and it warmed my heart (OK, it even made even made me a little teary).  I encourage you to watch for yourself (and read more about Caine, here).  I feel like we don't see enough good news out there.  This is a sweet and inspiring story.  Enjoy (and keep some tissues close)!


Adele said...

What an adorable gift!
Happy Wednesday hun xoxo

rooth said...

That's such a sweet springy package you received!

June said...

Thats so super cute!! I want something like this too :)

Lindsay said...

What a great spring gift!

Mal said...

Great gift! Those mini cadbury eggs are my favorite easter candy.

I love the Caine's arcade story too, it's so awesome!

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Jenny said...

YAY! I am so happy you liked your package! =) I just bought things I would love so I was hoping you would like them too! I told Katie we should totally do this again.. Like soon!

Thank you for my package of spring goodies as well!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

Great idea. Love the swap package you received. Great video.

shopgirl said...

What an awesome package! Sounds like a wonderful swap!


shopgirl said...

Erin, I just finished watching this 10 minute video and it's usually hard for me to watch a video for that long with my short attention span - but it was worth every minute!! Thanks for sharing this....I think I definitely need to pass this on!


shopgirl said...

p.s. I had tears in my eyes towards the end....i really had to control not balling at the end.

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