Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Uncommon Goods: Things I Don't Really Need (But Totally Want)

I love quirky things.  Things that are a little tongue-in-cheek. Uncommon Goods is absolutely my favorite store when I am looking for something unusual (I have had this and this on my wish list for a while now).  Here are a few more pieces that are striking my fancy.

I think this is a fabulous idea. It would be both functional and attractive on my (dream) vanity.

Accessories Mirror  $65

This is such a fun way to re-purpose old champagne bottles.  It makes me wish I had saved the bottle from the night we got engaged.  
Champagne Cork Candles- Set of 12  $22

This is the kind of little touch that your house guests will never forget.

Psycho Shower Curtain  $16
I know exactly where I would put this in my yard.  I would also give him a name.
Sea Serpent Garden Sculpture  $160

Someone put a lot of thought into this one.
Come In, Go Away Doormat  $38
I love this doorbell cover.

Frog Doorbell Cover  $58

C'mon, you have to admit that this makes salad much more interesting.  This would also be an interesting way to serve pasta.
Row Boat Salad Bowl With Wood Serving Utensils  $65

This was invented by a guy who did not like syrup buildup on his pancakes.  Really, it was.

Pancake Plates- Set of Two  $45

I am a total sucker for milk and cookies.  This mug would be great for portion control too.  Win-win!
Face Mug  $18
Ahhhh, I could peruse this book all day long.  Do you see how clean that house is?

Porn for Women  $10

Do you like to shop for quirky things?  What is your favorite store (I am always on the lookout for new ones)?  Anything here you want suddenly need?

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Adele said...

Love the row boat salad server!
Have a fab Thursday Hun xoxo

colleen said...

i have some of the champagne candles (except they're wine ones) and love them. they are so cool and create a great effect. you should definitely get them!

rooth said...

Yes Uncommon Goods is so fun. They always have hilarious baby onesies that I love giving as gifts

Jamie said...

I ADORE Uncommon Goods. I've had my eye on that froggy doorbell frame for a few years and Shehan promised he'd buy it when he bought me a house. :) Love this store!

this free bird said...

Things I don't really need, but totally want often sums up my life. As in THAT DOORMAT!

Lorena said...

the salad rowboat ! i love it !

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