Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happier at Home: 21 Day Relationship Challenge (Days 9-15)

Here is a recap of days 9 through 15 of the 21 Day Relationship Challenge.  See here and here for previous weeks.  I know some of you are also doing this challenge (and even if you are not) I would love to hear your thoughts on the latest resolutions.  Some are definitely easier to follow than others.

Day 9-  Plan a Nice Little Surprise:  This resolution was pretty open to interpretation.  It encouraged me to do something unexpected.  Since after work chores seem to be a least favorite activity in our house, I did some that my husband usually does.  He was very appreciative, and made me want to continue to do this in the future.  I also picked up some silly little surprises for him for Valentine's Day, which I know he will appreciate, but would never be expecting.  

Day 10-  Follow a Threshold Ritual:  This resolution asked me to reflect upon my home and the love and warmth that surround it every time I enter or exit the front door.  With three pups waiting to greet me every time I come home and watching me go when I leave for work every morning, it is hard to forget just how much I am missed.  

Day 11-  Quit Nagging:  Yeah, this one was probably one of husband's favorites (but doesn't exactly get him off the hook).  I am still allowed to ask my husband to do things, but presentation and framing are everything.  Instead of hearing a nagging voice, this resolution suggested that I leave a note or shoot husband an email.  It also reminded me to not insist things be done on my schedule.  It also suggested that chores should be handed out based on personal priorities, meaning that I should do the things that I feel are most important and vice versa.  

Day 12- Don't Keep Score:  This resolution is so basic, but often so hard to follow.  It means no tit for tat.  Sometimes husband and I fall into this pattern (Does, "I took out the trash the last three times," sound familiar?).  This is a great reminder to keep things balanced and act from a place of love.

Day 13- Ask for a Favor:  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Letting other people in generates good feelings and is a sign of intimacy and trust.  I am not one to be shy about asking my husband for advice or for assistance,  so this one was easy peasy lemon squeazy.

Day 14- Get Enough Sleep:  I don't.  This has been on my own happiness project resolutions before and will undoubtedly pop up again.  Maybe the real issue here is that I need the days to be longer.  

Day 15- Consider Some Hard Facts About Shared Work:  This resolution states that I shouldn't feel resentful when I don't perceive my partner as doing his share of the work. The facts state that the work that others do sounds easy.  The tasks that you do on a regular basis become expected and likely to be noticed only when you don't do them.  I you think a task is important, you are more likely to end up doing it yourself.  I should consider these things when thinking about how our household chores are divided.


Heather said...

This sounds like such a great challenge! I love following along with your experience.

SizzleandZoom said...

I like that you are sharing this with us. Makes for fun reading.

SizzleandZoom said...
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mariam baurice said...

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