Monday, April 29, 2013

Birchbox Vs. Ipsy (April 13)

The Birchbox theme this month was Tiny Tweaks, Big Results.  They teamed up with Women's Health, and gave everyone a card for a free yearlong subscription.  I've never actually read the magazine before, but I am also not one to turn down free.  Of course, the box was also filled with the usual fun samples that keep me coming back month after month.  You probably want to hear more about that.

Inside My Birchbox:

Kerastase Age Premium Bain Substantif Shampoo:  I love Karastase products, and have yet to find one that I wouldn't purchase again and again.  However, they sent me two shampoo samples, and no conditioner samples.  I have a hard time when this happens, because I like to try out hair products as a set.  I never know what conditioner to use when I am trying out a new shampoo by itself so I end up procrastinating.  I am still in that place.

LAFCO Fleurs de Baies Bath Soap:  My sample was in the scent Fleur de Baises.  It smells so incredible that I stuck it in my lingerie drawer.  

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum:  I have been applying this daily, and it is light, and seems to absorb into my skin well.  It does feel moisturizing, but I am not sure that I would purchase it at full price ($85).    

Mirenesse Gloss Kiss Lipstick:  I received mine in the shade Cheeky Kiss, which is a pretty pink color.  I am so happy that Birchbox started sending colors I would actually wear on a daily basis.  This is a winner!

Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On:  I love the fact that I can find this at the local drugstore.  It is a roll-on that goes under your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles.  If feels glorious going on, and even better when I stored it in the fridge.  It made me want to try other Simple products.

Inside My Ipsy Bag:

Ipsy Floral Bag:  First of all, this was not the bag pictured in the Pretty In Pink themed room on the website.  I already have this bag from an order from last year, so I am pretty unhappy about that.  Secondly, it smells kind of like gasoline, so it isn't even something I can give away.  Huge fail!!

Station Nail Laquer:  I received this in the color Love At First Bite, a pretty peachy color.  It took me four coats to get the true color to come through, but it did not chip during the week.  I would purchase from the brand if I found them in the store.

MICA Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow:  This is beautiful, very pigmented  and has a beautiful shine to it.  I don't know that I am really a believer in being too old for sparkles, but I do need to find an occasion to wear this (that isn't work).  

Sexy Hair Soy Renewal:  This is a Moroccan Argan oil used to tame frizz and add moisture and shine to your hair.  I couldn't get this to squeeze out of the top of the bottle, so I had to unscrew it to apply.  This of course meant that I got too much out the bottle when I used it.  There are definitely better products exactly like this one out there (for my money, I would go with Josie Maran).  

Be A Bobmshell Blush:  I received this in the color Sweet Cheeks.  It is highly pigmented  and actually has become my go to blush recently.  My one gripe about this is the packaging.  I can't get it open without having to dig my nails into it (which essentially chips my polish).  Unfortunately, that alone would prevent me from buying this product in the future.  

Overall, I would give Birchbox a very solid A minus and my Ipsy Bag a D minus.  I have come to expect great things from Ipsy, so this was a hug disappointment for me.  Not enough to cancel, but I expect next month to be much better.

Which are your favorites from your subscriptions this month?  Did anyone else have a bad Ipsy experience?


Michaela said...

I've never tried Kerastase, though I've been eyeing some stuff for a while.. I'm just a bit afraid I'd pay a lot and what if they're not working for my hair.. but I've got to try, I guess it's not like a fortune..

Emmy said...

I've been dying to try some Simple products coz I've only heard great things about them.

Kim Alston said...

Ipsy, didn't do a good job :( Glad the other one was better. It even looks better. HaHaHa Oh well!

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