Monday, December 29, 2014

My So-Called Instagram Life (Christmas 2014)

Hello, everyone, and happy holidays!  I hope that you have had a nice ending to your 2014.  This year has been busier work-wise than I had planned, and I didn't get to spend much time on my blog.  However, I am still trying to update as much as possible.  Here is a little slice of my December.

A few years ago, a friend gifted the dogs some holiday antlers.  Petunia was not exactly happy about being my model, but she obliged.  

Harriet resisted at first, but eventually posed for me.  This is the look of utter defeat.

The antlers that were gifted to Meaty were just too small.  People don't really understand just how large his head is,  So here is a picture of him watching my husband put Christmas lights on our roof.  

We bought this guy to add to our outside Christmas display this year.  However, the Bay Area has seen massive rainstorms all through December with some intense wind, so he never made it outside.

My Star Wars nutcrackers with a few holiday gnomes thrown in.

Meatball was on stocking watch, waiting for Santa Pug to come.

We set up our Christmas village on our train table this year, but it didn't photograph very well.  

We still have to walk to the dogs, even during the torrential downpours we have been having throughout December.  Leaving their sweaters on was a bad call.

Slightly obsessed with my new sock monkey slippers.  

I almost got a really cute picture of the girls in front of the tree, but Harriet wasn't into it.  

This was the staging area for the pups' stockings.  I am sure the bantha and Olaf will eventually be great friends.  

Meatball was VERY excited about his stocking.  Lucky for me, he is also very patient.

Happy holidays to everyone (and a happy new year)!


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

That's just too cute! Your home sounds like a really fun place to spend Christmas :-)

I hope you have a great new year's eve and an even better 2015!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas. You puppy are too cute. Have a great 2015.

Steph said...

Your pups are such good models!

I love your Christmas village. We inherited one this year, but didn't put it up because we wouldn't be around for much of the holidays, and we weren't sure how our crazy cat would react. :p

Heather said...

Beautiful decorations, and such cute pictures of your dogs! Happy 2015!

rooth said...

Oh my goodness the pups are killing me. I hope Santa got them everything they asked for

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