Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Super Bowl Ate My Birthday: Part 1 - Hanging Out At The Zoo

This year, my birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday.  The years when this happens are never my favorite.  Don't get me wrong, I am a football fan (go Raiders), but I am also a fan of celebrating.  So when I saw this coming, I took swift action and planned fun for Saturday.  At the time I wasn't really sure what the "fun" was, just that we were going to have it.  It was also a compromise with my husband, so he could watch the game.  

It was my husband's idea to visit the San Francisco Zoo. I had never been there before, but it was always on my to-do-one-day list.  As you can see below, the weather was on our side.  The zoo is in the Lake Merced area of the city, which had the warmest temperatures of all.  Birthday weekend  win!

I have to say, this was really a great zoo.  There are many opportunities to get close to the animals and really observe them.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our visit. 

Sleeping grizzlies.  They look so peaceful.

A submerged hippopotamus.  I stood there for a few minutes just watching, and he never came up for air.

The arborist at the zoo worked some kind of magic with the lighting.  

Chimps just seem so human-like.  They are fun to watch.

A wallaroo, hopping around.

This polar bear was just hanging out, eating some greens.

The bald eagle is so majestic.  I am always a little bit in awe when I see one.

There were many peacocks just roaming around freely on the zoo grounds.  I was hoping one would put on a display, but I never caught it.

There is something so wonderful about the ridiculousness of the anteater's appearance.  

Sunbathing tiger

Zoo Fact: Did you know that most species of penguins do not live in freezing climates?

My heart went out to the poor rhino, who had his horn taken from him.  I looked for a story about his life previous to the zoo,  but was unable to find anything.  

Monkeys on watch.

We caught this guy at just the right time.  Take a look at those teeth!

One of my best friends loves flamingos, so I always spend little extra time taking their  pictures

What?  Are you talkin' to me?


Pensive gorilla.

I loved how the graceful arch of the giraffe's neck looked against the curve of the branch.
Stay tuned for the second half of my tour around the city.


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Going to the zoo is always a fun idea.

Stephanie said...

Wow, you had perfect zoo weather! Every time I've been, it's always foggy and overcast (common for that part of town). It's like the sun just knew it was your birthday and made sure Karl the Fog stayed far away. :)

Happy birthday!!

rooth said...

Happy belated birthday! And the weather looks like it cooperated as well

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