Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I've Been Everywhere, Man

I recently spent a few weeks on a much needed vacation.  My husband and I flew back to the East Coast to spend some time with my family. The one thing that was at the top of my list to pack was also the only thing I forgot, my DSLR camera.  That means that all of my pictures are iPhone snaps (translation: selfie-heavy).  However, I think my phone captured the essence of the trip pretty well.

The first leg of our journey was to Northern Florida.  My mom has a house on the Suwannee River, and we spent a few days visiting with her.  The is the view from her living room.  Not too shabby for the middle of nowhere!

There were tree frogs everywhere.  I discovered this guy sitting on the side of my mom's truck.  He was neither camera shy, nor afraid of people.  He would make a terrific mascot for Dodge.

This is my mom's dog, Trouble.  She found him abandoned as a tiny little puppy, and they have been best friends every since.

The second leg of our trip was in sunny South Florida (where I am originally from).  My mom came along with us, and we spent the days visiting with family.  This amazing hand-carved crab chair was in the house where we were staying.  There was a second chair and a matching coffee table too.  I was completely smitten.  

One of the things I miss the most about living in the South is the Spanish moss that covers many of the trees.  Sometimes you don't realize how much you liked something until you don't see it daily anymore.

We also spent a few days at my sister's house.  She lives on the Intercoastal, and we passed our time boating and soaking up the sun.  Sister selfie!

 My sister's dog, Brutus.

My sister's other dog, Zeus.  

Zeus had to don the cone of shame during the time we were there, and watching him play with Brutus was hysterical.

Obligatory "I'm laying out on a boat" shot.

Proof my husband also came along on the trip.  

I am not much of a selfie taker (especially when I am the only person in the picture), but when on vacation, why not?

For the last leg of our vacation, we flew up to Atlanta and spent time with yet more family.  I would like you show you all of the pictures I took, but this was about it (yet, I feel it may be the most important one).  We checked out the local gourmet burger chain, BurgerFi. (Note: once I got home I realized we had one here in Napa too).  It was delicious.  Are these not the biggest onion rings you have ever seen?

We soaked up some more family time, and then flew back home.  We actually flew out of the Savannah airport, which was one of the classiest joints in which I have had the privilege of hanging out and waiting for an airplane. There were rocking chairs and free lemonade, and even a pianist performing for a captive audience.  It was a relaxing end to a nice vacation.

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Amy's Fashion Blog said...

glad you had a nice vacation. I hope you are doing well.

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